SEVENTEEN years have passed since London legends, Squeeze released fresh material and so after an arduous wait, you shall forgive The Music Manual for rejoicing as here we have, Cradle to the Grave.

This album is epitome of all things we know and love about the band who has been with us for over forty-years.

Altering their line-up once more and giving a modern take on their old sound, Cradle to the Grave is most definitely a triumphant nod to the future, however still paying homage to the past.

With the title track the soundtrack to the successful BBC biopic on journalist, Danny Baker, had been a part of live shows since 2013, allowing fans to catch a glimpse of what was to come.

It was announced that the release will be officially dropped on 2nd October, with some lucky admirers already getting their hands on limited-edition copies of the album, courtesy of Squeeze's own label, Love Records.

Reincarnating that new-wave tonality Squeeze are renowned for, there is a reflective track-listing which is poignant within the lyricism, summing up a tale enraptured within the album. A raspy vocalism from Glenn Tilbrook is constant, exposing itself more in tracks such as Honeytrap, Beautiful Game and Happy Days, playing with composed harmonies, country twangs and spooky key selections.
Forty-five minutes of highs and lows, the album beautifully follows conception to death, a celebration of life, so aptly named.

With all this commotion going on, we may see a bit of TV history with Squeeze taking to past-member, Jools Holland's BBC 2 show next Wednesday (16th September).

Pre-order your copy of Cradle to the Grave here.

Words Lauren Jones


  1. Back on form...........some fantastic songs

    1. Glad you like this album as much as we do John!