A Lovely War

NEWLY formed Liverpool duo, A Lovely War, consist of the talented Sean Keogh and Patrick Hughes, presenting a sound rhythmic and catchy that you simply must press repeat.

Their debut, 3-track EP, 'Ezra' is most definitely living proof of their undeniable talent with a light-hearted, early techno twist. 'Baby, Don't Be So Defensive' is the opening track, introducing you to a world of merry-go-round enchantment. The quick, shaky start opens up for a head bopping extravaganza, repetitively playing on the audience's mind, intelligently incorporating an addictive arcade-game theme tune capability, whilst obtaining a creepy uncertainty, making the track all the more enjoyable for this playful streak.

'Ezra' is second chimerical track featured on the EP with its festival-goer intro and harmonious vocals. Upbeat and shape-shifting into a mischievous anthem, playful yet puzzling, Ezra has a slow tempo accompanied by quicker tendencies, most definitely obscuring the listener's experience, making them question their original expectations... However, this you must replay and it is with this motion that you dedicate yourself to the track and really understand the complexity of the music.

The final track, 'Maxine We're Alive!' plays even more on the fairground feel, complete with whirlwind emotions and repetitive brilliance. Using methods gone by to rejuvenate and uplift the sound is just one of the many qualities that A Lovely War presents to us, proving nothing is thrown away when music is concerned. It has a likeability factor like no other, making you feel incredibly at one with the story unfolding in front of you.

A Lovely War have most definitely brought their music alive, whether it be jack in the box surprises or fun house madness, this EP has won a place in my music collection so, it's about time you gave this jam-packed thrill ride a listen and we can share this brilliance together.

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