AUGUST 4th see's the eagerly awaited release of Dublin based quintet, SPIES' latest single: 'Moosehead'.

After tender beginnings in 2009, the Dubliners have been wowing the likes of The Guardian, NME and Zane Lowe with their seemingly dark tainted spectacles of submerged alternativia.

With the potential to slot between the typical festival line-ups, shaking them up ferociously until there is nothing left. SPIES are ridiculously radiant, shining such a bright light at a type of music of which is seen as being so lifeless.

'Moosehead' is testament to this - with a thumping bass line and a racing drum pelt the track is adrenalin. Pacing heavily forward as if running a marathon, full of grace and body whilst capturing the fallacy of slow-motion shots, having the ability to slow down time whilst progressing so rapidly. With a reticent vocality - from Michael Broderick, glazing over the artistry so delicately with the precision of a surgeon, its hard to fall under the hazy spell that SPIES emanate from their queer twist upon a rich body instrumental. Undoubtedly, the track falls at its own heels to produce a spectacular ending, screeching in might and sheer poignancy. Let the race commence - with SPIES at the forefront.


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