Matthew Reekie

Down the Corridors cover art

Matt Reekie are a great little acoustic/rock trio from Liverpool, currently taking the name of their front man as they are yet to decide a name for themselves.

Their music could be described as that little redemption after a long day, a welcome necessity which helps you to kick back and relax.

During listening to their EP, Down the Corridors, you feel yourself drifting in and out of an ersatz fool's paradise. Everything fits together like a jigsaw puzzle, each song flows perfectly to the next, creating a welcoming tone. The interesting introduction definitely adds to the whole experience, opening up your creative mind to appreciate the incredible enthusiasm of the EP.

My most favourable track has to be Down the Docks, it reminds me of my own experiences down by the docks in Liverpool. The song plays a fundamental tale lyrically, yet, the sound, voice and all instruments are used to an absolute optimum, without these factors, the tale could potentially have been lost within translation. Many artists try this and it is either extremely successful or terribly disastrous, thankfully I can say that in this case it has been extremely successful. Impressed by what I had heard, I had to grab a quick interview with Reekie himself to find out more about this fantastic sound.

How has the last year been for all of you and your music, are you happy at what you've managed to achieve?
Yeah it's been pretty productive, I had an E.P launch in February (together with Rusts and The Sun Electric Band from Take Care) and the response to the songs was really good. I started working on some musical ideas that'd been knocking around my head and ended up with a set of new songs, which are taking a new direction from the e.p, more darker maybe and exploring more personal themes. I also got the band together, we've been rehearsing a lot and testing the water with a few little gigs.

How did you all come together as a band?
I knew Andy Campbell (bass) from a few years ago, we both used to play at the open mic in the Jacaranda pub (which was a proper good laugh, they should open that place again!..) He came to the E.P launch, and said he'd playing a bit of bass, so i asked him to play, he also knew Eoghan Robinson (drummer) as they both play in a band called The Lumbagos too.

Who has influenced you the most musically so far?
I'd say a band called Love from the 60s, Nick Drake, Nirvana, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, anything with feeling really, also anything musically interesting and different like CAN, King Crimson, The Pixies, Talking Heads.

How do you find the music scene in Liverpool right now?
I'm not really sure- There's some good bands about, it's good to see By The Sea doing well, and Stealing Sheep, it's not an easy time for music at the moment, everything seems to be up in the air.. But there's some good venues around, - Sound food and drink, Mello, The Kazimier and Milk presents; I guess the information overload of the internet brings back the importance of playing live, there's quite an underground feel at the moment, back to the 80s! I think it's a pretty supportive scene for new bands too.

Down the Corridors is a great little album, what are your favourite tracks on there?
When I see Her Face as I think it got the best reaction, I guess people can relate to that feeling of looking back on something and being glad that it happened even though it's ended. Also Down the docks as I used to busk at the docks on sunny Saturday afternoons and wanted to put that atmosphere and imagery into a song.

Who are your 4 main upcoming bands/musicians to look out for in the future?
The Springtime Anchorage, Dominos, The New Caldera, Two Sunsets

And finally, What does the future hold for you?
Gonna be practising loads, playing gigs, going into the studio to record some new demos, coming up with a band name and I'm doing a video for 'When I see Her Face' at the moment, really looking forward to it! Then, let's see.

I'd like to thank Matt for this great interview, cannot wait to hear more about these guys. Give them a listen, you will not regret it!