Run Tiger Run

ATMOSPHERIC alternative rock creators, Run Tiger Run are a hip, young quartet gaining quite a lot of attention recently. If their crazy shirts or denim looks don't have your head turning then their sure surfy-doom sounding will have you falling to your knees.

Manual knowledge suggests that RTR have been spending time in the studio recently which means, brand-spanking new tunes for us to get our teeth into... Exciting times ahead considering that they have already played shows with Catfish and The Bottlemen and JAWS earlier on this year.

Venturing on to Run Tiger Run's Soundcloud you will experience all the delights this wondrous four-piece have to offer. A personal favourite has to be 'Summer Sun' if not for its charismatic wit then its warm seasonal sound. The introduction sparks a repetition of luminous guitar strums, interchanging with the next, retaining a feel-good sound whilst producing a great familiarity with the approaching body of the track, favourably talking to the audience right from the start. Heartbeat thumps commit to the veins of 'Summer Sun', bestowing life to the music unfolding. Frontman, Mike Bower provides a soft vocality for the anthem to formulate around, the introduction making way for this  strained sound providing a darker meaning for this ideal festival tune.

Run Tiger Run are becoming somewhat notorious around Liverpool with playing X&Y Festival earlier on this year and with a pending gig at Liverpool's Korova Club on Monday night (25th November), tigers are very much running to see them. The Music Manual grabbed a quick interview with the guys to find out some behind the scenes gossip...

How did you all come together RTR ?

Well I (Mike) had been writing songs since my last band stopped and had left it a good a year or so before starting to look for another band. I got in touch with Dan through his brother and asked Ross just out of pot luck whether he wanted to start something up. It's a bit different with Dan P (bass) he came in quite a bit later after it didn't really work out with 2 other bass players. But we're all just happy now that it's all settled and is going well!

Where was your first gig and how did it go ?

Bit of a weird one to answer this! We had gigs under the name Run Tiger Run for a few months beforehand but I suppose if we're going from the official line up then it would be the gig we did at 'House' on Bold Street. I think we all really really enjoyed this gig. It was just good for us all to finally play together to a decent crowd. It was a proper dingy little gig aswell with none of the amps being mic'd up or anything so we got a decent live sound out of it. We met some great people from that gig aswell like Kerry Turley who's been great with us and she introduced us to you guys and Joe Campbell aswell so really helped us to get involved with a good group of people who seem to really enjoy their live music!

Liverpool has a lot of brilliant musicians and bands alike, what makes you stand out?

I think coming from a city with such strong music scene just helps you really. You either have to step up and do something decent or you just get forgotten about really quick. I think we'd all like to think that we bring something a bit fresh to the table. Obviously we're not making a completely revolutionary sound or anything like that but we try to use more intricate guitar sounds and drum patterns to give a different feel to our songs. 

When do you know if a track feels good?

To be honest I think we all just know when we've got something. There's been loads of times when we have all just sat there and tried to force and song out because we feel like we need one and just came out with absolute shite. Most the time our best songs just come out of nowhere. We're in the middle of writing now actually and one week we will think we will have a really good song and then we will all get back together at the next practice and just scrap it and start again. I think that just makes it that bit better when you finally finish a song that you're all happy with.

We all have pet hates, which of your fellow members would you say has the most annoying habit and why?

Erm I'd say I can be quite a prick when we're rehearsing sometimes. I get easily wound up by the littlest thing and just get cobs on for a good 15 minutes. Either that or Dan (Fell) getting naked every practice!

If you all had to pick your favourite Run Tiger Run track what would you all choose ?

Ross: Summer Sun still sticks with me even though the new stuff is getting better.

Dan Fell: Oh Shit I don't really like any of them but if I had to choose it would be Soho Bar.

Dan Piggott: I'll go with Didgeridont for the opening riff and bass line!

Mike: I really love Hummingbird just the melody of the music and lyrics really.

Would you say you're all quite experimental with your music?

I'd say with the new stuff we're writing its a lot more experimental compared to our older demos. There will be a lot more use of effects and just stronger song structures really.

Any festivals on the cards for you next year?

Well we're still holding out for Glastonbury... No nothing yet! We really enjoyed playing X and Y this year which was great to be on the same bill as Dog is Dead and Catfish and the Bottlemen but so far we haven't got anything booked for 2014!

Do you feel there are many people looking to help you in succeeding in your music?

Erm I'd say there's a fair few people who have shown some sort of interest in helping us in some way. We're still really young as a band on the scene so the attention we have had so far has been great. Things like The Music Manual and Tilt Shift really do great things with young bands in the city and it's just nice to have some people left who aren't just after money from young bands.

Say the music aspect of your lives doesn't work out, what do you think you'll be doing?

Mike: I'd quite like to write about music really, either that or teach maybe.

Dan Fell: I'd really like to start up a little venue from scratch and build it up or something.

Ross: Probably something still in some way related, interested in acoustical engineering because that's to do with sound, making buildings earthquake proof and stuff, I'm pretty blindly adamant on music working out though haha!

Dan Piggott: Probably some sort of legal career...

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