The Bohicas

FOUR Essex lads are presently the sole cause of an animate stir in the alternative rock craze at the moment, sending us wild with their sulky sound and sex-driven videos. After playing with Franz Ferdinand during their Ibiza tour this year and signing to Domino Records earlier this month, The Bohicas released a duel video for new releases ‘XXX / Swarm’, providing meaty tracks that are a complete refreshment silently slithering into our ears, injecting a sting to shake up our boring music collections.

‘XXX’ has a rapidly interchanging beat, mimicking the heartbeat being portrayed within the accompanying video extravaganza. Sex and ruthlessness are the two main manipulators in this track, diced with hard hitting drugs. Arguably Sex, Drugs and rock‘n’roll, however this phrase underestimates the vicious passion thriving from the very beginning. Frontman, Dominic McGuinness administers cooky kinda vocals, straining on the lyrics, providing extra spite and pain to the ever-present danger felt by the buzzing guitar and enrapturing bass line. Throbbing just like a wound, ‘XXX’ keys itself on bodies, the audience, scratching away at any innocence, throwing it on the floor to spit devilish words of a rebellion, a revolt.

‘Swarm’ takes on a life of a spiteful wasp, (seemingly seen to be The Bohicas logo). A guitar package taking on the pests ridiculously dagger tinged motion, diving in and out of air pockets, chasing the wind as it goes. A full-pelt drumbeat rapidly catches up with almighty thumps of animosity, booming out continuously, one after the other, sharply clocking into the rush factor. A slumped up bass hastens proceedings, darkening imaginations to keep up to date with the infectious disease smearing its blood covered hands all over the interior. Once we reach the ‘SWARM’, McGuinness’ voice strains twists the sound to become all the more vicious, spitting out repulses one after the other, we can’t help screaming the vocals with him, easily echoed but not without overwhelming acidity, smouldering the bitter pain with fury and angst.

The Bohicas are excruciatingly good. The only pain is that they have waited this long to appear and make the future of music exciting again, roll on 2014 for more in the Bohica story.

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