The Jackobins

LIVERPOOL five-piece, The Jackobins first started life back in 2012 and since then, these five lads have come from strength to strength, with their bluesy psychedelia tunes turning heads from the moment they surfaced, causing somewhat of mass fuss within our hometown. 

Before their EP launch at the Bombed Out Church on 5th December, The Jackobins released a brand-spanking new video for lead single, 'Prussia', which features on their new self-titled EP. 

Beginning with a full throttle rock vibration, 'Prussia' is Kasabian-like, ultimately lifting the track towards anthem status from the very start. Mind curdling thumps and screeching guitars line the pathway for lead vocalist, Dominic Bassnett to spark his rock-infected lines, spiting a lulling vocal with a 'Serge' twang flowing from one note to the next, alternating familiarity with the unheard. It's their superiority as fine musicians that The Jackobins can progress and develop their own sound whilst taking on some of their influences such as; The Stone Roses, Jimi Hendrix and The Velvet Underground. 'Prussia' is a meaty track to get your teeth into, you feel satisfied after listening, it has the right balance of anger, of sound and more importantly, passion. If this is what they can produce now, well then the future is looking up for these guys.

Free on 5th December? Then get down to the Bombed Out Church, Liverpool, to experience The Jackobins for yourself, going by what i've heard, it's going to be one hell of a gig. 

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