Liverpool Calling

TWO years ago, Liverpool Calling was conceived and now, after gaining the respect of a multitude of musos, they're back - bigger and better than ever, welcoming the likes of Reverend and The Makers and The Tea Street Band to their five-stage, one-day marathon on Saturday 25th May.

With over forty bands gracing the likes of The Bombed Out Church and The Magnet, lucky gig-goers will have the chance to see what some of the North West's biggest and brightest starlets have to offer.

Here at The Music Manual we got some of our writers to give us a tip off as to who you simply cannot miss.

The Jackobins

As one of Liverpool's snowballing talents, The Jackobins take a break from their multitude of live shows to give us a homecoming we will not forget. Brandishing their new single, Waiting On The Sun which has got many of us in awe of their newly concocted sound. Make sure you catch this refreshing quintet at the Bombed Out Church at twenty-past four.

Broken Men

As a part of the Milk Presents empire, Broken Men have been rather silent as of recent times, never fear though as even with new members, they still posses that sterling track-listing they boast so wondrously. Taking to The Magnet, it's amazing that this band is still making waves in the local scene regardless of how long the hiatus.

Lauren Jones
Go Fiasco

Formed back in 2013, Go Fiasco are a Liverpudlian band comprising of five members, Dan Duggan, Jamie Roberts, Ben Murphy, Liam Gardner and Conor Jones. They are a very prominent band in the Liverpool gig circuit, which has led to them receiving recognition from Alan McGee.

The band pride themselves on originality and their spectacular live sets. Do not hesitate seeing them at The Magnet, you'll be guaranteed to be part of a show that is all euphonious, passionate and energetic.

Sneaky Nixons 

Inline images 1The Sneaky Nixons introduce themselves as “The most hated band in Liverpool” after advertising their name by graffiti all over town. The band also controversially uploaded the music video for their track “Thick Thin and Thinner” to pornhub after it was banned from Youtube saying “The Pornhub views are mad y’know. That’s our new target audience… lonely wankers.” 

Although they only have 3 songs and a piece of a Richard Nixon speech on soundcloud, they’re creating a buzz, so don’t miss out on the obscure, political rock-n-roll magic that I am sure will ensue. 

Siobhan Corcoran

The Wirral based quartet have made immense progress in the past year. Their debut EP "Waves" is now released and composed of some stunning tracks. Not forgetting to mention their first music video for track "Not My Girlfriend" has received an impressive number of hits

Taking to the bombed out church for the anticipated local festival, VYNCE are sure to blow us away.Their single "April Showers" provides that addictive, upbeat summer feel and we can hardly wait to hear it blasted live. It's safe to say they'll definitely leave the crowds wanting more.

Helaena Williamson

Tickets available here.


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