PARANOIA with a hint of composure best describes the latest release from Liverpool based label, War Room Records, created by local producer, AGP.

Titled How Could She Love You? The EP is set to challenge conformity to stand alone in both sound and genre.

With a conspicuous online presence, the producer has a habit of releasing tracks spontaneously. His ties to another local band, Strange Collective allow us to keep more up-to-date with the musical shenanigans.

Releasing 31st July, the EP consists of well-known track, 'Couldn't' but shares four others that are bound to cause a raucous.

Infusing a darkening vocal with an electronic temperament, each track encapsulates a new emotion felt by the listeners, delving into only the deepest of low points to conjure up a maddening ambience. 'Fooji' resembles a lot like the recent material of King Krule, possessing a pulsating beat that rumbles around your cranium whilst 'The Man I Am' uses a style of synth-pop reminiscent of eighties chart-toppers.

Pre-released track, 'Couldn't' is the epitome of the EP, beginning with a light chime of instrumental, transpiring into a highly lethargic state just beckoning for more bite. The fact that the tracks rarely give in to our desires has us hooked to try more, working just as good as any drug would.

Staying true to his secretive persona, there's no knowing when we'll next hear from AGP; live shows or new material, so let us savour this release, it sure is a good one.

Words Lauren Jones


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