Wild Rossa And The '88

SHOWING us what it may have been like to witness greats such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin back in crooner paradise, Liverpool based Wild Rossa And The '88 offer up an au courant alternative to this Las Vegas money-making sound. 

With many local connections, Wild Rossa accumulated their own mini-world of local musical greats, holding anything at their disposal. Staying true to this, the recent release of track 'Five Year Fool' was tantamount in proving the success that these lads have concocted in their three years of companionship.

Accompanying video, filmed at local venue, 24 Kitchen Street and produced by TableTop, is an authentic and truly honest piece of craft, showing no gimmicks. What's more perfect than four great musicians, instruments in hand, sprinkled with a glorified 'big-band' sound?

Upon a gruelling social media campaign, the lads have racked up nearly two-hundred shares of the video, spreading their sound all over the globe in such a short space of time.

Front-man, Luke Papini slowly slips into the track with a sultry vocalism, summoning a sincerity amongst his lyricism. Guitarist, Chris Mitchell leisurely prepares the chords for drummer, Nico Sauvenee and his shimmering cymbals to dilute a crystallising tranquillity. Light-hearted but no means divulging in the pop spectrum, Five Year Fool encapsulates all matters of cool, undoubtedly, the suited and booted image aids the Wild Rossa charm. Tracing around a harmony and later addition of female vocalist Ellie Markham, gives an excellent depth to what we hear from Papini complimented heavily by bassist, Jamie Gosling's voluptuous groove. 

With the release of this track, Wild Rossa And The '88 are set to take on a respectable four-dates around Liverpool and London, for more info follow the links below.


Words Lauren Jones


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