ALL girl, Spanish foursome - don’t get the wrong idea - Hinds formed in 2011 under the name of Deers, but were forced to rename to Hinds at the end of 2014 due to threat of legal action from a similar named outfit, announcing the new name in January of 2015.

Names aside Hinds are a fun, loud and exciting quartet who no doubt thrive in a live environment with a rough around the edges style matched with a slightly more poppy feel. The group’s first EP Demo, featuring the tracks ‘Bamboo’ and ‘Trippy Gum’, encapsulates the retro and relaxed ethic of Hinds. The tracks offer a care free, ramshackle which at times can seem boisterous yet that's all part of the appeal.

Their second EP Barn, also consisting of two tracks: ‘Castigadas En El Granero’ and ‘Between Cans’, continues the lo-fi soft garage ethic however hold more polish, whilst still carrying a raucous feel throughout. Sometimes the harmonies are good and give vigour to the tracks whilst sometimes it can be seen as a tad painful. I’m pretty sure you could find a many other young European females who could do what Hinds do but it’s the fact the Hinds actually do it that makes them an intriguing prospect.

The band released a split 7” with fellow Madrid-based band The Parrots, who have helped them with all manor of things, (You can read our review of their new EP here) featuring a cover of Thee Headcoats track ‘Davey Crockett (Gabba Hey!)’ with its bounding rhythm and free spirited take on rock ‘n’ roll.

Words by Freddie Wells


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