Sunstack Jones

CELESTIAL waves of a spaced-out daze frolicking amongst a backdrop of sun-kissed blondes in bohemian attire best describes latest offering from Liverpool lads, Sunstack Jones. 

Landing on 22nd June, the two-track single, Good This Time, explores a more far-fetched, spiritual sound compared to past-work such as Santiago and Woah Woah Woe.

Starting out in 2011, Sunstack have described themselves as being 'quietly busy', rarely playing gigs yet producing such a high-quality sound -which honestly seems so natural. Their laid-back persona was best discovered in an interview we conducted back last May, discovering influences consisting from Blues to Jazz, consummated by psychedelia inclinations.

Released on own label, Mammoth Bell Recording Co., Good This Time plays havoc with a weighty tonality. Upon listening, the title-track is like opening your curtains to welcome the lonely sight of dawn awakening. This is achieved by slow melody caressing the soft vocalism, hushed but anchored all the same, forever weighing heavier. With second track, This Can't Keep Going On we welcome a lighter sound. The prominence of the guitar chords tainted with backing vocals to repeatedly prolong a comedown state, mimicking the after effects of listening to old folk-stars such as The Seeger Family. Left bruised from listening, each track attaches itself to individuals and not mass groups - Sunstack Jones talk to us on a personal level, which makes this single hauntingly dangerous. 

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