Last Heart

Last Heart are Liverpudlian band consisting of members Thomas Benson, Dan Levey and Mick Flaherty.

The trio from Liverpool released their 4-track EP 'Blood and Bone' earlier this month which has been described as an 'assortment of Groove, Heavy riffs, and wonderful melodies'.

1/Blood and Bone
A lethargic track, providing enough momentum to please the ear. Benson’s vocals rattle through the intoxicating riffs and melodies, rousing you to prepare for the rest of the EP. This track is suave and vague and wouldn’t be out of place as a backdrop of a Breaking Bad episode.

2/Say Please
This racier number moves quickly, overflowing with twanging chords. Levey’s rhythmic percussion coupled with Flaherty’s deep bass tones make this song a foot-stomper, ending abruptly to prepare for the next number.

This track is grungy, gloomy and laden with bluesy guitar riffs, the instrumental side of this song remains quite subdue apart from the bluesy riffs. Allowing Benson’s vocalism to tell a lyrical story of someone’s struggle with gambling addictions.

4/Blood and Bone ft Frank Hedges.
The track is made a cooky number with the addition of Lomax legend, Frank Hedges. His plunging prominence within the vocals adds a slight humour along with a bizarre radiance to the track, making it much weightier in sound.

Charmingly unorthodox, obscure and raw, the EP flows together effortlessly and if Last Heart can produce this quality without a studio, I think we should expect great things from their next single.

A limited amount vinyl's are available of Blood and Bone and all sales will fund their next studio quality album so be sure to get your copy quick.

Siobhan Corcoran


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