The Serpent Power

What do you get when you cross a Zuton guitarist and The Coral's drummer? A power beyond anything imaginable, The Serpent Power.

However much this may sound like local folklore, The Serpent Power are a living, breathing entity comprised of Paul Molloy and Ian Skelly.

Debut album, Lucifer's Dreambox, was dropped 4th May and showcased at Liverpool Sound City. Now it is set to steal the show at Isle of Wight Festival on 14th June.

It's fair to say The Serpent Power are certainly a kooky force to be reckoned with.

The offering is a toss up between a night on absinthe or the abyss of purgatory. Falling about like the Yellow Submarine film, that old idea of convention does not belong here. Battered and bruised, our minds melt within the backdrop of a beetling scuzz.

Revealing the title track before the full release gave a huge hint as to what to expect from the multi-instrumentalists -  a feast of eye-watering, ear-exploding, mind-expanding psychedelia.

Beginning as you'd imagine an extra-terrestrial onslaught, raspy harmonies flaunt a vibrant locality, broken down by the constant interchanging key formation of a Hammer horror. A set of wild west guitar chords add pace and distortion, mimicking a never-ending chase which could only result in doom. A true masterpiece of both visual and aural pleasure, the soul-crushing perceived ending perks up again to reveal a quest for angelic chimes, contrary to that of Lucifer himself.

The Serpent Power are not a feast for the faint-hearted, they are the alternate void of nothingness, producing a track-listing no artists have ever boasted before.

If you liked Lucifer's Dream Box then check out, The Siren.

Words Lauren Jones


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