Singer-Songwriter, Chris Phillips from Worthing, taking the pseudonym, Bacchus released his debut EP ‘The Rich and the War’ just over a week ago on Soundcloud and iTunes.

Reminiscent of artists such as Josh Record and Tom Odell, his music is overpoweringly pure, revealing no secret motive or gimmick. The saying 'less is more' certainly applies with this artist.

There is a beautiful composition to the EP, each track holding it’s own identity. The album progresses naturally as tempos change and volumes increase, subtly yet identifiable throughout till final track, ‘I Am Because We Are’.

The albums pinnacle is ‘Hope'. Starting out as minimal yet fully submerging within the late addition of drums. Exposing a raw escalation of violins, a momentum grows and our interest increases. Above all of this, Phillip’s falsetto vocals always remain the most dominant aspect of the song. Sadly, Bacchus doesn’t have any forthcoming gigs, (that we know of) so we'll have to settle on listening to the EP on Soundcloud for now!


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