The Spitfires

STRIKINGLY opinionated and Mod-infected, Watford's own electric 3-piece, The Spitfires, are creating music years before their time, attracting more and more people up and down the UK, introducing listeners to a mature, fresh sound which has become most craved in these recent revival years. Their music reflects a grand era of music, jam-packed with brash and gutsy frank persuasions, ready to keep you on the edge of your seat - quite literally.

Their track, Spark To Start definitely has a formidable hint towards the likes of The Jam and The Clash, also concocted with dashes of The Specials, equalling in such a dominant, feisty piece of music. The thumping introduction collects around your mind, brutally attacking your imagination. This automatically ends with anticipation for the following poignant vocals of which, once started, provide a definitive cutting-edge feel that begins to circulate around the track. These aspects formulate that very important venomous streak right into the eye of the beholder, flaunting an incredibly boisterous element which crucifies any artist within the industry today.

The Spitfires are constantly setting up gigs all around the UK, they are an collective gem of talented musicians. Imagine them live, the stir they cause is unimaginable, they're destined for big things in the near future and with a new release on the horizon, there comes another tour, which promises to be a hit, so check it out!

by Paul Vickery (c) 2013
 The Spitfires dates  

17th - Dundee Reading Rooms
29th - The Spice of Life, Soho, W1
30th -Birmingham – Red Lion, Solihull

20th - Guildford Holroyd Arms , Guildford
27th - The Social, London W1

11th - The Ealing Club , London W5

Maiden Voyage Tour

21st  - Brighton (Venue TBC)
2nd – The Water Rats , Kings Cross
24th  – Swadlington Ski Centre, Derbyshire
25th  - The RS Bar, Sheffield
26th  – Bumpers, Liverpool
28th Camber Sands Mod Weekender, Sussex

2nd – Middlesbrough (Venue TBC)
3rd – Richmond Live Festival , North Yorkshire
25th – One Better Day Festival, Leicester

15th - The Blind Tiger , Bolton

by Paul Vickery (c) 2013
The Spitfires really give their music that overpowering edge to corrupt all ears who open the gateway to experience the new sound around them. They have clearly shown their rip-roaring ability to single-handedly intertwine influences within their music, whilst applying their very own, unique stamp on their work. I had to grab an interview with front-man, Billy Sullivan, to find out more about the guys behind the façade.

Thanks for agreeing to this interview! How did The Spitfires come about as you are now?

I had been with a previous line up for around 3 years which just wasn't working out. Me, Sam and Matt got together for the first time about mid September last year and it just clicked. Gelled as musicians and as friends and its gone from strength to strength ever since.

Is there anyone around now that you'd liken yourselves to?

Not in the style of music we play i don't think. Maybe attitude - which i'd say we have a similar outlook as early Arctic Monkeys or The Cribs.

Have you ever had a set plan as to what you want to achieve within your music?

I don't think anyone could ever go out with a set plan, as things progress and fail everyday. Of course you've always gotta aim for the top which we do. But I don't think we could even tell you what we'd be doing by the end of the year let alone in 5 years time.

What or who are you main influences when it comes to writing tracks?

Influences really come from my surroundings, people I meet, things I see or read. If I feel strongly about something, I find it very easy to write about. All my writing is from the perspective of an 18 year old living in 2013. It may not be me personally, but it might be someone I know or have read about. I think its important to write about subjects which people can identify with.

Are there any pre-gig rituals that take place? 

Haha not really! I just pace around the room for half hour or so.

You released your single Start to Spark/Sirens in November 2012, how has the response been so far?

The response has been great, i think people really understood the message and feelings behind the tracks. When we play 'Spark' live, its one of the track people really go for. Always gets a great reception.

What are your opinions on chart music today?

I think its bland and i think its meaningless. A great example was the recent Brit Awards, it was slated by everyone. Which is great because it shows people are fed up with the state of music and its that sort of attitude that makes the scene change again. I think its only a matter of time before we get young, fired up bands with something to say back in the charts. It'll be the live scene that causes that though not Simon Cowell.

If you could go back to any period of time, where would go and why?

I don't really dig nostalgia or looking too deeply into the past. I prefer to take influence and use it rather than revive it. I suppose if i had to it would be 1976, just as Punk developed in London's underground scene.

Do festivals appeal to you?

Personally? No. But i can see the appeal and its great young kids are going to see the bands and have a good time.

Where has had the best audience for you?

Liverpool had a great audience. Even though its only 3 or 4 hours away from London, the attitude to live music is completely different. Far more positive.

How much more are we going to be hearing from you this year?

A lot! There will be a new single in June to coincide with the tour which we are all very excited about.

I'd like to thank Billy for this great interview, check em' out, you won't look back! 

Please note Images (3 and 5) by Paul Vickery (c) 2013

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