The D-Tales, Attention To D-Tale

BACK in December I wrote a little article about this fantastic Liverpool five-piece called The D-Tales of whom are continuously pushing musical boundaries, intertwining multi-various genre's into each talented piece of music they create.

Finally I have had the chance to listen to The D-Tales long-awaited debut album; Attention To D-Tale which promises to be a delectable treat for all avid music lovers. The first track on the album, Hydeaway has a great gut-thumping beat, reminding me of a Stone Roses piece yet  folk infected tones proceed, overshadowing and switching up, always ever changing your very own thought process. A fantastic starting point for the whole album to take off and fly in every direction possible.

Come To Me, the next track in this brilliant album again cunningly slots two or more genres together. You constantly replay in your minds eye after hearing, captivating and all the more thrilling as it guides you through a lively, dream-esque scenario, enough to send you delirious with the rhythm. The addictive, upbeat and sometimes erratic track peals back the mastery of many layers behind this mature sound and when delving deeper, we hear an almost pleading tale. Let this factor not overshadow the track as it has been adroitly crafted to become a pleasure to have experienced, it is one of those you must have on your ipod, you must hear on the radio and you must have the feeling of wanting more. 

Also grabbing my attention, Let's Not Delay, had vocals introducing you to its impressive features, punching you in the stomach, giving you a soft yet sharp pointer to start upon which then leads to an all the more elaborate piece of excellence. This skilled opening gives a lulling wave of coolness, foot tapping and an all important bluesy-smirk to create a chilled scene within your imagination. This five-piece hold unimaginable talent when creating absurdly good music, so versatile yet never contradicting.

Truths & Squares Or Circles & Dares also synthesises every possible musical combination, squeezing it all tightly together in just under 4 minutes. The vocals yet again hatch an unbelievable authority over the music, proving that the dynamics provided shape an overwhelming piece of art. Not only are the vocals like this, oh no, each instrument gives off an invigorating feel-good vibe really selling this track to all, giving absolutely everything they possess into this raw track. 

The album progresses again and each track builds up an intense aura for the whole album and the last track Train Journey, is by far one of my favourite pieces of music and ends the admirable odyssey which is the album. I will always recall Train Journey for it's haunting vocals and faultless array of multi-tonal verses, each consisting factor overlaps succinctly with such a pure and meaningful nature, consuming all definitions of emotions one could possibly feel whilst becoming engulfed by such poignant creativity. The D-Tales present this bold portrayal prudently providing a stimulating piece of music which will go incredibly far.

Previously, I have talked about how after only creating music together since April 2012, The D-Tales are exhibiting incredible music powers of which some of the greats are yet still to master. Just listening to this album had brought shivers down my spine and I am always blown away by how music with such fragmented ways can become so supreme and I really believe The D-Tales are showing these positive signs throughout their work, I did not want the listening experience to end. They keep this up and we're going to be in for an astonishing ride. Watch this space. 

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