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BACK in January I wrote a little article about a great brit pop-esque trio going by the name of The Vibe. Since then they have come on leaps and bounds with many slots on BBC introducing, featuring in Independent Music News' Top 50 Unsigned Bands and releasing their brand new single, The Smoker.
Featuring George Mills from 5 Days Of November The Smoker shows a raw versatility drilled well within the foundations of the trio with the ability to still create fantastic, dynamic tracks well out of their usual comfort zones. The direction this track has shown us is unclear, we don't know how the next Vibe instalment will turn out, that in itself creates more suspense and excitement... Here's what The Vibe had to say about the new single...

 "Max wrote 'The Smoker' after a rather drunken night out in London, it was sounding like a country/folkish kind of track at the time. George's voice seemed like it was made to duet with Max's on this particular track, so we jammed and asked him to come and record some vocals and guitar! We vibed it up a bit in the studio and it became what it is. It's certainly a bit different to the string of stuff we've been releasing thus far, but we thought it was a bit of time to show a bit of diversity without straying too far from The Vibe sound - It still sounds like us we think!"

From listening to the track and hearing what the creators had to say, I think they sum up their piece incredibly well. There is a definite supernatural feel to The Smoker, just the introduction has a strong eeriness to it. As the beat begins to formulate it crawls around your mind, holding on tightly for then only to consume the music. As the vocals begin, they take on the unearthly appeal which was once held by the beat, adding greatly to the already immense overall sound, captivating the listener with an almighty authority. 

 Gradually the track builds up to produce of fanciful array of repetition; 'the smoker' haunting yet all the more greater for a creepy exchange of various poignant and illusory vocals. Move on to the creation as a whole and find that each instrumental factor combined has been used to its full potential, squeezing every cleverly formed note into a collective string of dreaminess. Collectively, each factor pours into such a powerful and low-maintenance piece. The smoker is what it says, blurred distortion and murky hazes, so wrong on paper yet perfection in reality. 

This track teases all eager Vibe fans, making them crave for more. I don't know how much longer we can sit and wait for a début album but we must have faith and believe in this direction of which The Vibe are seemingly taking, justifying that whatever is coming next is set to surely blow minds. Now, that's excitement.

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