Josh Doyle

ORIGINATING from Britain and now creating beautiful music in Nashville, Tennessee, Josh Doyle is a breath of fresh-air. His refreshing guitar sound sweeps you up from the ground and whisks you up to a beautiful world of which is not our own, full of many enchanting attributes of multicoloured skies and never ending spiral pathways to an all the better land of music.

Self-titled is his debut album of which has gained the attention of many, generating greater audiences around the globe. I gave it a listen and one particular track grabbed my attention, 'Meaning Of Life'. The chimerical guitar introduction has a fable like no other, you sense this way before finding the vocals, so breathtaking that you cannot help but sit, wide-mouthed in awe of the crisp yet raspy soundings of Doyle's voice. They tell a tale of one which is quite familiar to every listener of his music, it strikes a heart wrenching chord full of almighty power, enough to knock people off their feet. This is why Meaning Of Life is so superb.

Everyone's Alone was the next unbeatable track that grabbed my undivided attention. It's catchy beginnings create a hallucinatory platform for the rest of the track to formulate upon, the vocals start not long after the chiming of the tune and create a folky/pop-edge to get our minds focused upon his sensational arrangement. The song could in fact have gone in any direction yet it was Doyle's vocals that gave the track its defined direction, definitely accomplishing something of which many singer-songwriters simply cannot achieve.


Just yesterday Doyle was announced along with a range of many other artists to perform at this years Glastonbury festival which is definitely not one to be missed, this announcement is one of many that Doyle will be extremely happy to reveal this year. He's going far in America, now he's ready for Great Britain... I grabbed an interview with Josh to find out more about this excellent talent!

How do you find the American music scene compared to the British, is it true that it's much harder to 'break' in America?

I have had nine fairly unsuccessful years over there followed by one really great year (this year). I am just starting to get some traction over there, but I think it's still pretty sown up by the major labels. Unless you have some money already or you win American idol it's hard to break into the old boys network. It is also very expensive to tour with the country being so big as well. I have been lucky and I have some some funding going on which is bringing me new fans. The UK the country is smaller but still its tough, I have a fan-base but to get to the next rung on the ladder I'll probably need more exposure = money or a label. 

When did you think you realised music is what you wanted to be involved within?

My mum and dad got rid of the TV when I was ten years old and I started making up songs to fill my time, there was really no way back for me then.

What method do you think is best to gain a larger audience for your music?

Internet is theoretically great but there's a lot of noise on there to cut through. You can try to get a quirky viral video or you can game the system but it seems tough to do that and still have integrity. Playing live if you're really good, that's still the best but today you have to be fantastic because people have seen it all and won't care unless you grip their senses in some meaningful way.

Is there a venue of which you wish you could play and play again?

Wembley stadium! I'd probably say shepherd bush empire or a similar venue to that. I love old style theatres with character.

How have you found becoming a solo artist, was it something you had always had your mind on?

I started off solo and always wrote the majority of the songs I sung so it wasn't much of a stretch.

Is there anyone around in the music industry now who you're into?

I like Jake Bugg, he is a precocious talent. Maybe even a prodigious talent, definitely a P word. Big Gaslight Anthem fan, dig Glen Hansard. New Soundgarden album is awesome.

How did you find recording your debut album?
It was an amazing experience. I had my heroes playing on the record, a huge producer and recorded in an iconic studio with the likes of Art Garfunkel and Alice in chains next door. What more can you ask for when you've been a waiter for five years!

Where would you like your music to go, what directions would you like it to take?

I purposely filled the album with rock, country, folk so I could explore whatever avenue I wanted on the next album. I see myself as becoming someone like Ryan Adams or beck, able to change it up every record. The important thing I not to lose the emotional connection.

What do you enjoy more about festivals, the experience or the growing of your audience?

Truly the experience, we have a couple big UK festivals on the books this summer and I'm excited to see bands, meet people, soak it all in. Of course if we play and people get excited about us that's our job done Haha.

Looking back, is there anything that you would change?

Yeah I wouldn't have been a waiter for five years. But at least I'm real now, neither an indie poser or a spoiled pop-star, I know the value of things.

I'd like to Thank Josh for this great interview, cannot wait to hear more from him this year, keep watch, you'll hear him very soon!

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