The Levons

FINALLY, something everyone in Liverpool's ever-scrupulous music scene agrees on, the growing admiration for a certain quartet who featured on The Music Manual almost a year to the day, The Levons.

Starting out in 2013, these four lads have gone from strength to strength, with latest track, Too Strange, rapidly becoming one of the most talked about releases from the city this year. 

There's no doubt they're reaching a maturity - not by any means in a patronising way, they've just found their sound, their niche, a selling point. 

Recorded at Parr Street Studios and released on 24th July, Too Strange will be the first of many tracks, that boast a hearty instrumental and hefty vocalism with a lot more soul. 

Sparking off with a barren beat from Phil Murphy, we're taunted by Danny Murphy's lead guitar, soon followed by his hoarse vocalism aided by Nathaniel Cummings, grappling at a local twang that these four-lads incorporate so well within their music. Partnered with a classic harmony that compliments the robust bassline slithering throughout the track. Too Strange is the game-changer for The Levons, the replay button will truly be knackered once you've satisfied your cravings.

Giving this track away for free, The Levons are allowing new listeners to jump on board what is to be one exciting journey. Follow the links below to find out more.

Words Lauren Jones


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