The Quangos

Mancunian quartet, The Quangos produce sweet soulful rock'n'roll, slowly twirling the progressive sound into anthemic bursts of hip 
waggling madness. Motown influences also creep in, dramatically
creating a body shaking twist, something very much associated with 
this era of soul.

Frontman Josh Goddard flaunts a raspy meaningfulness within his vocals, rolling off the tongue, the gold-tipped lyrics provided also
 by Phil Nixon, glide their way into a fanciful time when music was 
very much representing everyday life. Complimented by the 
warming bass prangs from Drew Palmer and the perishing drum 
pulses from Scott Parkinson.

Their euphonious sound is divulged by their latest EP 'She Was 
Gold', released December 9th. The B-Side to this single 'Sunday 
Sun' has been made available for pre-listening and how harmonious it sounds. Branding a familiarity to Sam Cooke's 'A Change Is 
Gonna Come', the track gradually grows, slowly climbing up the soul ladder, relaxed yet retaining the capability to make us sway generously to the silky smooth sound seeping through a sepia tinted gaze. Goddard's gripping vocals start to show a 
similarity to Jamie T, bringing a substantial amount of raw emotion and personal slants to a sound so blissfully
immaculate. Take all this and imagine gritty rose-tinted spectacles as this is what you get with The Quangos, real music, so beautiful yet so unpolished.

If the sound has got you dancing, then you best had know that the 'She was Gold' EP launch is taking place December 20th at The Venue, Manchester. Tickets are £5 and only 100 will be available online, so if you're interested keep your eye
closely on The Quangos facebook page to nab some of these highly sort after tickets!

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