The Wicked Whispers

The Wicked Whispers are a great Psychedelic/Folk group from Liverpool, consisting of Michael Murphy, Toby Virgo, Andrew Smith, Steven Penn and Peter Shilton. I took a listen to their latest single 'Dandelion Eyes' and felt like I was being transported back to the 60's/70's, full of enthusiasm, beat and that overpowering, underground feel that if not all classic tracks from the time seem to interject.

All instruments involved play an important part in concocting this magical mystery tour of experience. The likes of the Organ add more abstruseness to the music, the guitar collects the vibe, the bass starts the track at an optimum level, completely setting up the nevertheless fantastic drums, finally, the vocals kick in and only add to a crowning piece. Dandelion Eyes is definitely a journey, a journey into a field of hippies and mint condition music. 

Give Dandelion Eyes a listen here:

Altogether everything just screams a complete triangle of music, artist, listener. They connect oh so purposely yet do not clash with either or. The vibes that intertwine within the music are apparent to shock and entice the listener. Vibes are also purpose built for the artist to enjoy, enjoyment is what fuels the passion to make good, honest and decent music such as this.

I honestly feel a sensation to keep listening and wanting more, only great musicians can achieve this with  listeners. The Wicked Whispers are one of a kind, you will never hear or see of these factors again, within one band or artist.

An absolute delight to discover and enjoy, get listening, you won't regret it.

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