Who are Sheffield based Nachthexen?

DURING WWII, the Nazi party called female Soviet night bombers, Night Witches or Nachthexen.

These women were truly feared by Hitler and his party as they ruled the sky and led the way for future women in combat.

But now, fierce Sheffield foursome, Nachthexen have adopted the name and are making people squirm with their addictive, alienated punk sound.

Recent release, self-titled EP is a concoction of their brutally honest opinions, feasting off barbarous intentions that pollute past experience.

Tunes such as F*ck the Diet and Cheer Up Love make the EP one of the most sought after releases in the punk underground.

Pressed on 'p*ss yellow' coloured vinyl, each track has a scuzzy, DIY sound in particular, opening song, Ring Ring which is the epitome of p*ssed off women, ready to make a stand against gender bullsh*t.

Each component of the tracks boast something new or revisited, using the genre of punk as their background before plastering other aspects of post-punk and synthetic pop, amalgamating this sharp, destructive sound which parents will loathe.

Be sure to get down to their EP launch on 2nd July with Community, Tough Tits and Gender Prince at The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield.

Words Lauren Jones


  1. These are sick. Missed the show but I'll definitely try and catch these around. nice work!