Stockport's Kashmere unleash new single, Blow Your Mind

Paul Wolfgang Webster
Part of Stockport's ever-growing pool of talent, Kashmere have spent the best part of three years moulding themselves into a rugged, welcoming being, keeping fans eagerly awaiting, Blow Your Mind.

With their cult-like following, Kashmere have excelled themselves on the live circuit, taking to over 30 shows last year but determined to do more in the next.

Arguably one of the most anticipated releases of the year - a sturdy track like Blow Your Mind fits quite effortlessly within the indie-rock genre, giving Kashmere a solid foundation to build on.

Incredibly catchy and full of promise, the track is an ode to the kids who want to be a rock icon, who want the lifestyle but may not necessarily go out of their way to achieve it.

Hints of brit pop and moody synth rock weave their way behind front-man, Joey Newey and drummer, Andy Law's spaced out vocals, this combined with distant and addictive riffs ruly force Kashmere way into the new dawn of indie music.

Grab your copy of Blow Your Mind here.

Words Lauren Jones


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