Deap Vally - Interview

Bad ass and ready to kick every pathetic use of a rock record to the ground, Deap Vally are proof that girls really do come out on top - especially musically. Their music is indescribably, categorically and perfectly Rock n' roll. The first time I took a listen, I craved more of their sound and no matter what genre of music you're interested in, the duo hailing from America are definitely the one to watch - they're even on NME's books.

I could only describe Julie Edwards and Lindsey Troy being the women to bring that venomous power into the rock world almost destroying everything in their way with sequins and glamour. They are the female equivalent to The Black Keys and doubtlessly seem to be giving them a run for their money.

I gave their single, End Of The World, a listen and it only backs up my point before of how erratically charged this track is,  but do not get me wrong, it is consummately out of this world. It takes you on a sauntering pilgrimage to the world of rock. You cannot stop clicking the repeat button, no matter how hard to try, horrifyingly addictive. 

After experiencing this brand new phenomena, I decided to try and find out more about the hallucinatory duo and here is what they had to say...

Your tone and style of music is altogether fantastic! How did you come to figure out what style of music you wanted to create?
We knew we wanted to make heavy music with a strong message.  We didn't want to apologize, we wanted to just let it all hang out and get as heavy and groovy as possible. 

Tell us a bit about yourselves, how did you both get into music, was it through your parents or did you pick up influences whilst growing up?
Lindsey and her sister have played music together since they were babies, plus her whole family is very musical.  I actually did a lot of musical theatre when I was a kid, I was SO in love with doing that.  Now I can't even stand musicals at all.  They make me sick.

Have you ever entered any competitions like battle of the bands etc. ? What do you think of competitions like that?
No we haven't.  Life and sustaining a career is the battle, and we are in it! 

How much do you practice before playing a gig?
Well, we are touring, which means no practice at all-- maybe a song or two during sound-check   It's a cool way to play, because you're really flying by the seat of your pants.  That's what makes the performance magical, unpredictable, one of a kind. 

Anything exciting ahead for you guys? Planning anything during the summer festival season next year?
We'll be releasing our d├ębut record next year, and then we'll be living on the road, travelling the whole world-- even India!  Lots of adventures ahead, lots of hard work, lots of irregular sleeping schedules.

Is there a set plan for what lies ahead or are you just enjoying playing your music?
Oh yes, there is a schedule, there are places to be and times to be there and flights, trains, and buses.  It's a rock and roll marathon. 

Are there any artists out there at the moment that you are listening too?
Father John Misty, Here We Go Magic, JJUUJJUU 

Most played track live?
Baby I Call Hell - that's been in the set from the very first show 

 Are you both a big fan of NME magazine? How do you feel about the coverage they have given you?
NME is great, and we are SO lucky to be enjoying all their attention.  It's a very funny magazine- always something slightly snide to say-- but we love it! 

And Finally, how has it been touring with The Vaccines? Enjoying the British crowds?
The Vaccines tour was so much fun.  There were 4 bands on that tour in total: us, Vaccines, DIIV, and Pale.  Having that many bands on a tour makes it like summer camp or something.

I'd like to thank Deap Vally for this great interview! Definitely give them a listen, you will NOT regret it.

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