The New Caldera

Easy-going and powerful, The New Caldera are a great alternative/rock group from Liverpool, UK. Their sound compares to a possible early Housemartins with a dash of 60's rock backing up the vocals, reminding me of many different artists such as Gerry and The Pacemakers and The Kinks. Just this year alone they have played the likes of Matthew Street Fringe Festival and Resurrection Festival, and after only being around for the best part of two years, who knows what other spectacles they'll pull out the bag!

Their music is extremely soothing to listen to. You feel compelled to sit back and relax, close your eyes and  you sense a dream-like experience building up from behind the music, creating you, as the listener, to feel completely anethetised. After listening to their music you can enjoy the tranquillity and delight that each listener share when comprehending this talent.

My personal favourite of the New Caldera definitely has to be, Little Honey. The track has been written in such a way that includes indications towards the Brit-pop era, also reviving several later John Lennon tracks. So many influences flowing in and around their music makes the track all the more exciting, yet, do not be put off by this factor as it works incredibly well, proving that music is much more than just your average track on the radio. They really are a great little group, give them a listen, you will not regret it!

You can give Little Honey a listen here:

The New Caldara have also played in aid of Liverpool Women's New Born Baby Appeal and The Clatterbridge Hospital Benefit Night, helping to raise money and support for both causes. They have also helped the on-going Hillsborough Justice Campaign (HJC), with the song 'Don't Buy The sun' and had been invited to play at to the HJC  'London Rocks 2012' event, which in total raised over £14,000 for the HJC and a city centre memorial for the 96.


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