The Travellers

DIVIDED between Brittany and England there lies an enticing new talent, going by the name, The Travellers. This psychedelic duo, Gemma and Robert, are two 60's enthusiasts bringing an updated sound of that dynamic era to an all the more modern audience.

I gave a listen to their brand new single, Summer With No Sun and fell in love with the pathway that two tracks focus into one bewildering experience. The first track, sharing its name with the single title, is one that has all factors of an amazing Summer anthem cleverly incorporating the feel of the track with the title. You feel as if you want to be dancing around on a cliff-faced green, adoring the completely hypnotic feel of the world surrounding you. The sound has many multi-tonal gradients, just like changing gears throughout the track, making the single all the more intriguing and well-thought out. 

74 times, the b-side featured, marries the tracks together. Contributing cleverly to the amazing triumph that is The Travellers single. It also backs up the picture painted within my and other listeners heads, almost reeling in a 'come down' effect. Settling the listener very cautiously, yet, still keeping to that crafted hippy-esque vibe.

Their music is one that, although sounds nostalgic, brings a complete new twist within the world of music. You feel yourself drifting in and out of a vintage montage of old film and glamorous stars. You cannot shy away from the fact that they are stunningly one of a kind.

I had to grab a quick interview with The Travellers to find out more about them, Enjoy!

Firstly, thank you for agreeing to this interview! I'll start off by asking about your music, how would you personally describe it? Is there a specific sound that you're trying to achieve?

Difficult to describe music in words but I suppose we could try to categorise our music as: MOD, SOUL, GARAGE with a tasty topping of FUZZ from time to time and a modern twist, we are not trying to be a 60's sound alike band!.  We are definitely inspired by the earlier half of the 60's, love the sound of the old vinyl's from Motown, Tamla, Northern Soul, and Gemma's voice really flourishes in this style. Robert P as a guitarist loves the Who's early records too!  Our last two releases have been on vinyl and we love a nice vintage sound.

How did you find being played on BBC Radio? How important is it for you to get air-time?

We have always got a good response from the BBC and have been featured over ten times, but as our music is definitely appreciated a niche of MOD lovers so we got a really good response when we were lately on James Addyman's "Down in the Grooves", which we heard is to be sadly discontinued.

Who is your main inspiration?

The Sea, each-other, vinyl and audio tubes!!!

Your music does sound as if it should be placed within a montage, how do you feel about that?

Oh, we have always loved cinematic music and would love to do some music for film as another project.  We have also been inspired by the earliest Bond movies, the guitar sounds wicked!  There is a sense a drama in Gemma's song-writing too.

How did you decide to and get together as the Travellers?

We shared the same passion for music and the same era which flourished into a relationship of many facets...

What has been the biggest challenge for you as a duo?

As a Duo whom does all of the song writing and production together, we have an amazing rapport.  Translating that to a live setting needed a good band and their understanding of our chemistry, which we now are pleased to say we have found.  We were always good at acoustic sets as a duo but were never completely satisfied, until now!

You have said that you love the 60's, what makes you have such a passion for the era?

It was such a flourishing period where there was optimism and hope. The amount of creativity that spawned from the time was amazing; music, fashion, design, art and also attitude; but there was still some decency in society.  Also, from the sound angle, the production techniques and equipment has been a big inspiration for Robert P's sound.

What do you enjoy most about playing live?

The chemistry of the band making colourful compounds of sound which bounce off the audience and fuse into a magical reaction called music!

Is there anything you would warn other upcoming artists about within the music industry?

Do it for the love of it and keep going in the direction you want to, not the direction you think you should for success' sake. It's OK to listen to critique but take it with a pinch of salt; at the end of the day, you are doing what you love and if you are not a 3 eyed alien, then there will probably be quite a few others that will like it too, if it comes from the heart. (Not that I don't like 3 eyed aliens mind you!)

Finally, are you hoping to be playing at any festivals in the Summer?

At the moment, dates are still confidential as they are not 100% confirmed. Watch this space at 

I'd like to thank The Travellers again for their great support and music, a definite great start to the new year, check them out and you will never look back! 

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