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ANOTHER innovative talent has been sweeping the streets of Liverpool for a couple of years now, going by the name of King Twit. A boisterous, alt-folk rock quartet complete with brass instruments the Tuba and Trumpet. The sound is unlike no other around right now. It is very quirky yet smooth, compelling all who listen to dedicate their full attention to the aura surrounding each crafted track.

I gave their E.P 'Bicycle' a listen and fell in love with the alternative passages through to multifarious genre's, Folk to Rock followed by Alternative to Jazz. For me, my favourite track would have to be 'Parking Space'. It has everything mixed into one overwhelmingly good piece, the brass instruments and drums combine attentively along with the vocals, guitar and bass creating a concoction of brilliantness. It reminds me of the experimental music that came about within the 80's - without the unnecessary embellishment and cringe-factor.

Every track on this E.P is truly a piece of art, completely different to what is out within the music industry right now. The sheer amount of enjoyment thrives from the tracks, whisking your imagination and senses away to a place far away, proving music can become a holiday within itself, no need to spend the big money, just buy a King Twit E.P. I decided to grab an interview with the band to establish more about their music and how they have found the journey so far. Here's what they had to say...

I'd like to thank you for this interview, firstly I'll ask about you about which of your songs do you enjoy playing live and why?

Thanks for the chance to air my true feelings about my band. I enjoy playing our song ‘Bicycle’ live. We've been playing around with this song recently. We added a free style jazzy section inspired by local friends ‘Dead Hedge Trio’ It’s liberating to be able to have a little jam in the middle of a song.. Recently we've added to our Brass section which has made songs like Bicycle more emphatic.

How did you find your European tour, were the crowds any different from the ones back home?

We've toured small venues in Ireland, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic in 2012 and it’s been a great experience. Each tour was booked and organized by ourselves and another local band ‘Long Finger Bandits’. We travel as two bands and share costs and contacts. The crowds are very appreciative of the effort and will enquire about merchandise and pay to get into the venue no fuss, especially in Germany. Venues are helpful and promoters will always help with accommodation, food and petrol money where possible. In Liverpool we’re a relatively new band but our gigs have been really well received and we've been lucky to play with some great bands. I don’t think the crowds are massively different but we sell more CD’s on our travels.

What do you think makes you stand out as a band in the music industry?

Tough Question, I'm not entirely sure we do stand-out. The British music scene is full of great signed and unsigned bands. I think bands that get help from labels tend to stand out more.  We’re an unsigned band and we have to constantly work on getting gigs and setting up tours, then try and do PR. It’s easier in Liverpool with some of the promoters that put on great nights and are looking for good bands. We get gigs because our music is super jolly and people can nod along or fling their funny limbs around. Trying to get gigs in other cities is a costly and laborious process at times. I think if we had a good manager or video of the band it would help.

Where would you like to be in 5 years, still involved with music?

This question is important for us as a band to discuss. I would love to be touring and playing festivals writing new music without worrying too much about where the next injection of money is going to come from. I’d personally like to be playing more jazz and experimenting with electronic sounds like Flying Lotus.

How do you find the current music chart situation?

The charts isn't the place I’d go to find music that inspires or that I like to listen to, yet every now and again there is an incredibly catchy song in the charts like that Carly Rae Jepsen song and I think if I were an energetic 16 year old girl I might tap my foot to this.

Do your influences of the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Jonathan Richman find some way into your music?

I can’t say we have the stage presence of Bruce or the intensity of Jonathan Richman live, but I think we’re inspired by their dedication to music.

Do you all share the same influences in music?

No, I wouldn't say so, we share our influences but they’re not the same. My influences, as a drummer, come from jazz and rock. Max Roach, Eric Harland, Seb Rochford, Tony Allen, Steve Gadd to name a few. But I listen to all kinds of bands, new bands like Everything Everything, Three Trapped Tigers, ‘Unknown Mortal Orchestra’. Older stuff like The doors and the small faces. Adam shares his tastes as friends do, he got me into Herman Dune, Davy Graham and Bert Jansch. And Simon loves Bruce Springsteen, Daft Punk and Will Smith. I’m not sure what Hollie likes, she doesn't talk to me.

Of all the shows you've played live, what has been your favourite and why?

Our best show lies ahead, I'm looking forward to playing our new material in 2013, but from 2012 the show that sticks out would be supporting the Correspondents in the Kazimier back in April, that was a great night. Our set went well and the atmosphere was bubbling.

Were you all friends before creating the band ?

Me and Adam have been mates since High School, before that I used to bully him for being a hippie. I managed to bully him into starting a band and we named it ‘the Flicks’ we've been in Liverpool since 2005. Simon and Hollie moved separately into a big old Pub on Spekeland Road we inhabited for a time in 2007. Adam has a solo project called ‘Moa’ and Simon had his solo ‘Simon Knighton’ project. They had talked for years about starting a project together and in 2011 they started King Twit. So we were all friends before the band started, I think we’re all still friends though none of them wished me a merry Christmas...

Finally, how do you find the upcoming music scene in Liverpool?

I think Liverpool has the greatest music scene outside of London, maybe even better than London, as everything in Liverpool’s city centre is easy to get to on foot. Some weekends I have to visit 3 or 4 different venues to see all the bands I want to see. Normally entry is fair and venues such as The Kazimier, Mello Mello, the Leaf, Camp and Furnace, Lomax, Zanzibar, the Shipping forecast, drop the dumb bells are lovely spaces to spend time in. This isn't to mention some of the fantastic bands that reside and play in Liverpool. To sustain this growth it needs participation and a desire to be creative and interact with art.

I'd like to thank Mike of King Twit for this interview, they're definitely one to watch, so keep your eyes pealed, ears open and get listening.

Bicycle E.P cover art

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