Of monsters and Men

Okay, so I was updating my iPod a few days ago and I decided to revisit of monsters and men and I never realised how much I had missed the 6-piece indie-folk band from Iceland.

If you haven't listened to them here are a few songs to give a listen to:

• Mountain sound
• little talks
• Dirty paws
• Your Bones
• Beneath my Bed
• love, love, love
• Slow and steady

They've been on the music scene since 2010 and have already won awards in their home country. With tours around the world Of Monsters and Men have the world at their feet and nothing can stop them from growing larger and larger.

I really think you should give them a listen, even of you're put off by the genre they are situated in, genuinely a great talent and one to look out for in the future!

Website: ofmonstersandmen.is
Tour dates: ofmonstersandmen.is/live/


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