ME and Deboe

HAILING from North West England, Me and Deboe are proving that an all female, dynamic-duo can indeed create the most entrancing form of alternative-rock, captivating all who listen. Entertaining and hypnotic they keep a hold of you, taking your hand and guiding you through an eerie fairytale-esque odyssey.

With a slot at Liverpool's Threshold Festival's launch night coming up and plenty of gigging up and down the country, they are going far and I have no doubt in my mind that they will indeed create colossal waves within the music industry, I am glad to have found them now, during the foundlings of their existence.

Their debut release, adeptly titled Me and Deboe - EP, is full to the brim of the clever, rapturous tone of which this duo is notoriously known for. I had it constantly on repeat since I first got word of their euphoric music, but one track in particular caught my eye... I For You Gave.

The first lyrical line opens the track, bewitching the listener from the start, it's a definite change from having a large boastful introduction, so stripped back makes it even more powerful, alluring. I can't describe the shivering effect that the guitar has in this track, once it starts it riddles through your veins, like a mandolin's pace. Then Sarah Deboe starts to chirp and creates her own dream-like fantasy, something of this track withholds anyway, yet she indeed turns up the tantalising voltage, bringing it to a whole new league of its own.

Another delectable track to sink your teeth into has to be Mother Shipton. The nimble guitar sounding brings a completely new parallel world to their music equal to the, yet again that capricious melody called vocals take over your imagination, you find your head nodding, body rocking and foot tapping. Venomous and spiteful, but incredibly easy listening all the same, I find it great that this one duo has so much to offer in this current music industry. You will hear yourself say, how fantastic it is to really feel the music, again and again.

After listening I realised how terrific ME and Deboe sound and I am adamant seeing them perform live must be a much more memorable and first-class experience, definitely not one to be missed so if you get a chance, check in to one of these dates below, a great night out is promised, I believe...

Live Dates

25th - Amore - Frodsham, Uk
26th - The Commercial - Chester, Uk

3rd - Telfords Warehouse - Chester, Uk
8th - Threshold Festival, Camp and Furnace - Liverpool, UK
15th - Duttons - Chester, Uk
16th - TFI Festival, The Commercial - Chester, Uk
21st - Monkey Nuts - London, Uk
23rd - The Shropshire Arms - Chester

13th - The Ship Victory - Chester, Uk

26th - The Shropshire Arms - Chester, Uk

1st - Acoustic Festival of Britain - Uttoxeter, Uk

So, after reading this I am sure to have converted you into a fellow admirer of these two musicians, give them a listen, what have you got to lose? Nothing. What have you got to gain? Everything.

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