The Hollows

MOD-infected yet incredibly incorporating an amplified rock formation, The Hollows are living proof that a powerful musical art-form still lives on. Dawning from Glasgow in 2010's Summer months, their contagious sound has been spreading to ears up and down the UK and beyond.

I gave a listen to their track, No Surprise and fell for the poignant antagonistic-rock 'n' roll feel. Loud, electrifying guitars kick and punch today's chart music, drums and percussion introduce the humming beat of an eager crowd gathering and the vocals, well, the vocals accompany a mod-esque journey to an all the more greater music scene, just like the grand era of the 60's once produced. You can clearly hear indications to many artists within their music, with the likes of The Who, Dr Feelgood, The Clash and Miles Kane. I could particularly hear a definite similarity of Miles Kane's solo workings trickling through this very music, I highly doubt that The Hollows had meant for this to happen but I guess it shows how powerful and how mammoth their music has the potential to be. No Surprise is oh so boisterous but cleverly scripted, attracting all to listen in to the delights that the Glaswegian quartet have to offer.

Another track I got a chance to listen to was, Sunrise Empire. It's modified all-right. I only have one wish, that it would be longer, but unfortunately this is the typical norm you find with all great melodies, they are never long enough but have the ability to make an almighty impact in just under 3 minutes. The introduction takes a hold of you, a great deal of authority is kept and the ability to keep you hanging is applied. The rest is something I could only describe as being an adventure, full of spiteful poetic vibes and gutting foot-tapping behaviour. You long to hear more but never fear, if they carry on producing gems like this, The Hollows will be bringing more sweet, sweet music into your ears very soon.

The Hollows have come so far in an incredible journey spanning in just over 2 and a half years, whether it has been playing alongside the likes of Steve Cradock, The Moons and The Rifles or playing at Liverpool's Sound City or an Official Beady Eye after show party in London. They have achieved a heck of a lot and created multiple waves of indescribable music, you can only imagine what the future will hold for them. Keep a keen ear out, and get listening!

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