NORTH-west's very own gutsy rock offering, Slydigs, are shaping up to be the next best thing the Rock & Roll genre has seen in years. Their sound is incredibly electrifying and has the ability to get your foot tapping and head nodding. If you haven't already, you will be hearing a lot more from them throughout this year whether it be festivals or their very own tour. This quartet, reworks convention with some fantastic dynamic melodies that have the capability to knock several shades of paisley out of you.

Their track, Electric Love, has certainly been created for us to appreciate some real, wholesome music, you simply just enjoy the phenomenal tone unfolding. For starters, a catchy introduction sets the scene for an amazing heavily injected piece, single-handedly making up for the loss that our music industry has been suffering recently. Once the vocals start, enthralling instrumentals follow and you're on the edge of your seat, wishing to be in a massive gathering of eager fans, jumping and swaying to this fantastic beat that has been offered to us. Definitely proving that yes, there is still a brilliant sound out there, something of which us as an audience have been craving for a long time now.

Now, coming to their latest work from their debut album, Never To Be Tamed, The Love That Keeps On Giving is an absolute monster anthem. It has subtle hints of Kasabian and I guess, some Rolling Stones wriggle its way within, intertwining with the original, chimerical workings of the group. This track also makes me think of Brit-pop and that summery-festival feel that, that era seemed to possess. There is a great excitation around this track, each element needs another component of which all members of Slydigs attain, overwhelming is the reaction to the hardship they have carefully crafted with this track. It is a truly fantastic piece of art, powerful with a definitive umpf, ready to get your fists pumping and body rocking.

As you have read, Slydigs are and have been making waves within the music industry ever since they began, their impact has grown and with more and more progression (the likes of signing to Flicknife records), this year will be a major highlight in their career. They show all pathetic excuses for rock and roll bands how it is really done, new rock sensations take note, you could learn a thing or two from these guys! I grabbed an interview with lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Dean Fairhurst to find out more about Slydigs and their music...

First off, how did you achieve the Slydigs line-up as it is now?

The initial process was somewhat of a tricky one. it was me and Louis, (Lead Guitar) who first founded the band really after leaving high school. And as any young band in the process of 'learning' our instruments we roped in a drummer and a bass player who hadn't really played... ever, so from the outset we where literally working from the bottom upwards. After about a year we had to get rid of the Drummer because quite frankly he was a 'Plummer' not a drummer. That's when we invited Peter, another friend. He was, at that point, in another band at the time. I remember seeing him perform and thought he needs to be in our band. I think he thought that also. Once he joined, that's when the 'train' began moving. It was only when we replaced the Bass player with Ben that we knew the line up was complete. 

Who are your main influences, do you all share the same taste in music?

We all have a 'similar' taste in music, which is important in some respect. I think we have a platform of influences that range from the likes of The Stones, The Who, The Beatles, The Clash, The Doors, Creedance and Dylan but there's also the likes of those Blues legends that still resonate, the likes of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Sonny Boy Williamson and Robert Johnson. We're just influenced by passionate music, and blues and Rock & Roll, to us is the most intense genre's around. I don't think we ever stop gorging ourselves on it all. Our passion for writing and performing music is mirrored by our passion for the music that has come before us, we live and breath it.

What venue, past or present would you most love to play?

100 Club was great just for the sheer History that place has had, plus I like the intimacy of it. Them sweaty little venues are where it always goes off I think. I wouldn't be averse to the likes of the 02 though. We've played enough dives to appreciate those quality venues for sure. The Liverpool 02 is a top venue, the one near Lime Street Station.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals that get you in the gig mood? 

Just copious amounts of Cocaine, Strippers and Midgets serving Champagne does the trick.

Is there anyone out there today that you think is doing what you want to achieve with your music?

Black Keys have catapulted Rock & Roll back into the 'lime-light', which is great. I like the fact that they like to keep a low profile but I think they should do the opposite just so we don't have to see One Direction or read about some talent-less reality star losing weight. I want to read about the Drummer getting his head stuck in a fence on a night out or the Singer being arrested for running down the street naked, I think the world misses the madness, the 'good' madness. I know people will argue the essence of Rock & Roll being just about the 'music', but its more than that these days. Well it needs to be anyway. Some one needs to introduce a little bit of anarchy into the industry! 

What do you think is the best way to get music heard?

That's a question that people in the music industry, on a daily basis, try to decipher. I don't think the music industry was prepared in anyway, shape or form to deal with the speed and altercation that the internet caused. I think radio is still at the fore front but the likes of Radio 1 don't seem to take any risk from the normal pop these days so I rely on stations like Absolute, XFM, BBC Radio 6 for music with substance. I think for bands like us and artists like us, the first port of call is the Internet, Youtube and the likes. Its still the cheapest/easiest way to get people to hear your music. I think for anyone coming up the best way to get your music heard is getting onto a good promoter or booking agent and get gigging in venues that are full. The 'Live' scene is where its at for us.

You've supported the likes of Pete Doherty, The Fall and The New York City Dolls, how important is it for you to get those amazing opportunities to showcase your music?

Certainly for your own credibility I think its good to play with the likes of New York Dolls, Pete Doherty etc. In terms of showcasing your music, it allows you to play to crowds of like minded fans. But we just treat them as any other band. We go out there to give it our all. I think its good to give them some competition. That's what support bands are about ain't they? As well as warming up the crowed of course. But yeah, we aim to blow anyone off the stage no matter who it is and thats what I expect from any band supporting us in the future.

How did you find releasing your debut album. Never To Be Tamed, did you receive a good response from your fans?

Yeah we couldn't ask for a better response from our fans and the press. Little issues with our booking agent caused us to delay our tour till this April but all is well in our camp. The fans are still digging the album, what more can you ask? I think our next single release will be the sign for our arrival. Should be out this March. 'Bang, Bang & My Bullet Was Gone'

What's your favourite track to play live?

I personally like playing The Love That Keeps On Giving, we have a brass section on it live that we don't have on the record which just gives it that edge. It has that essence of Soul, and I have always liked the crescendo at the end. Everyone goes mad for that one. There's always Electric Love though. When people hear that beginning riff you know the next three and a half minutes are going to go off.

Are we going to be hearing a lot from you this year?

Yes, we have a tour this April, then we look to tour again mid, late summer I believe but if all goes to plan you will most certainly be hearing from us. I think this will be the year we officially get the recognition we deserve.

And finally, is playing at any festivals on the cards for you this Summer?

We're just waiting on confirmation for a number of festivals so keep an eye out on our website. We should announce a few in the next week or so.

I'd like to Thank Dean for this fantastic interview! To the left i've included their latest tour, try and get to one of these gigs, not ones to be missed... more information if you follow the links below!

Give them a listen... Thank me later.

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