HISTORY in the making, Derby 5-piece, WhiteMoor are bringing the long-awaited excitement back to the music industry. Their synth-rock sound is incredibly catchy and most importantly universal. No matter who you are, you will find a song you adore, that's one of the factors that make the WhiteMoor experience even more dynamite.

Their brand new single 'All I've Ever Known' is definitely one of those tracks that continuously grows on you. It's fantastic synthy-pop start sends mixed signals as to what you're about to hear, then, a full-pelt guitar introduction sparks a thousand imaginations. The raspy voice of lead vocalist Benny start to chime and ultimately owns the music. This wonderful velvety tone progresses and the rest of the track begins to formulate into a cloudy haze within the dark cave of which is your mind. For the sensational synth and piano sound we can hear, we must thank the only lady in the group, Louise. I have never heard a sound such as this that actually sounds good with the music, I salute her for the refreshing creativity she has brought to the WhiteMoor mix as it is this factor of which makes the music so prominent. Stumble upon the beat, created by drummer Tom, the elaborate guitars from Barrington and the flutter of the Bass from Luke, and hear how they all authentically forge together all in aid of the pace of the track, undoubtedly forcing a satisfying 'umpf', way beyond the façade of the synth-rock musicians.

Each member possess such power and talent, it is clearly visible when listening to their music, you'd be barmy not to see it! Whether it be gaining critically acclaimed status on their debut album or gaining air-play on BBC Radio stations, WhiteMoor have the future in the palms of their hands, no-one else is doing what they do and having an incredible impact... This is why I know we will be hearing so much more from them very soon, especially with the release of their latest album 'Horizons' due for release in May. I grabbed an interview with vocalist Benny and guitarist Barrington to find out more about the exciting new sound unfolding!

How did to come to achieve the WhiteMoor line up as it is now?

Barrington - The line up has been tweaked over the years with a new synth player and drummer to achieve the current sound that we're finally happy with.

Who would you say has been the biggest influence incorporated within your music?

Barrington - I'm massively inspired by the classic indie guitar tones and riffs of Jonny Marr and John Squire I use my beloved Vintage Rickenbacker 360 though an Orange AD30 to achieve this sound.

Benny - It was the Brit Pop era and 90's bands that made me want to pick up a guitar and write songs. My main song writing influence is Noel Gallagher. 

Are we going to hear big things from you this year?

Barrington - Hopefully, our 2nd studio album 'Horizons' is released at the start of June and the 2 singles we've already released from it (High Lights + All Ive Ever Known) have both managed to break the download chart so we're really hopeful for a warm response to the new album.

How has the response been for your new single so far?

Benny - Amazing, we have a really loyal online fan base that we interact with via Twitter and they helped push the new single into the top 100 downloaded songs on iTunes on the week it was released. We're really lucky to have such amazing support from our fans.

Have you ever had a set plan as to what you want to achieve within your music?

Barrington - We've never been a band that is motivated by fame or even success really, we enjoy writing and recording our music and are lucky enough to have complete control over our sound and the use of our labels recording studio's, we feel really privileged to have this opportunity. I guess the only goal ive ever set is for our music to be enjoyed by our audience.

If you could only ever play one venue, what venue would it be and why?

Barrington - Does a festival count as a venue? If so most definitely Glastonbury, it's been a life ambition of mine.

Benny - Top of the Pops is no longer an option I take it..!? For me it would be somewhere intimate for a WhiteMoor Unplugged session, Festival wise, it'd be Isle Of Wight without a doubt.

Where do you think holds the most opportunity for your music to be heard?

Barrington - The online market is huge, it's by far the best place to get your music heard.

Benny - YouTube is a valuable tool which we're going to make the most of with Album two.. We've already released two videos for our last singles and have plans to make at least two more this year.

Do you think there is a hole in the industry today fit for your style of music?

Barrington - I think our music can be listened to and appreciated by just about anyone, too many bands pigeon hole themselves to fit into one kind of genre where as we write songs as individual pieces of music and take them in whatever direction we feel fits it best, if we feel a song needs a orchestra in it then that's what it gets or if a song works better with a distorted guitar or big fat synth then that's the direction we go in, there are no boundaries but we still like to think we manage to keep a WhiteMoor signature style throughout. So in answer to the question yeah I do think there is a gap in the market for what we're doing.

Where would you be without music today?

Barrington - I couldn't really imagine a world without music to be honest.

Benny - I'm creative n it's in our music where I can unleash my.. creativeness..! If I didn't have music I'd be lost. Though, I'd have triple the amount of time to spend building my Star Wars Lego!

Do festivals appeal to you on a whole?

Barrington - Massively! We've been lucky enough to play some amazing festivals already over the last few years and have a few already lined up for summer as part of our UK tour to promote the new album, all details about this can be found on our Web-Site WhiteMoor.Co.Uk or our just ask us for details on our Twitter  @WhiteMoorBand.

I'd like to thank WhiteMoor for this fantastic interview, cannot wait to hear more! 


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