Great Plain Sundance

FOOT-TAPPINGLY harmonious and quick paced, Great Plain Sundance are creating a folky-rock jumble of perfection. Based in Liverpool, this quirky quintet are making use of mix-matching genre's to make completely original and raw sound, so very universal and likeable.

'Stay Up All Night' is undeniably an anthem for any time of the year, whether it be Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn, this track is capable of breaking others. It's acoustic beginnings already play on the heartstrings, followed by a marvellous percussion which is cut short in order to accommodate the smooth-rough vocal multi-tonal phenomenon weaving in and out. This musical virtuoso carries on throughout, poignantly offering listeners a glance into the past, forcing our roots and modern life together, brilliant in itself, the sound STILL continuously grows into a life of its own, perhaps some may argue that it is life.

The calming beginnings of track 'Echo' shows a slowly built yet chilling side to the brilliance of the delectable quintet. A gradual start sets a scene like no other and with the addition of female backing vocals, the track grows another dimension, a dimension which likens 'Echo' to that of a Grimm brother fairytale. The sound itself is that if you imagined a Fleetwood Mac tune obscured by Jefferson Airplane and twisted with a modern-day potion, fascinated by today's tales. Complex but dominant, spine chilling actually.

Great Plain Sundance have most definitely changed my perception of what to expect when it comes to revealing superior talent, the world is most definitely their oyster and if I do not hear of them reaching a top ten spot in the charts then I most definitely will eat my hat, they are destined to be successful, you will be hearing more of them oh so very soon. Read on to find out more about this exceptional group of musicians...

How did Great Plain Sundance come to be?

Great Plain Sundance formed in 2011 with Brendan, Will and Nico at halls in University. Brendan had come to Liverpool with the sole purpose of making an originals band, Will and Nico combined their influences to create the band. The name comes from an old Indian dance called the Great Plain Sundance, that involves dancers tied to a centre pole via their nipples, pretty crazy but we thought it was quite interesting.

You recently released your debut EP, what has the response been like so far?

We had some success with the EP, however, we weren't confident enough in the material that we had produced, we have since learned from our mistakes and realised the importance of patience and time... The EP has been removed, and will be replaced in due time.

Have you all been interested in music from an early age?

Brendan had been playing guitar in school at an early age and had always loved writing original music, probably because he was unable to actually cover any other songs... Will came from a fold background, hence the use of violin and mandolin... Nico had originally been playing guitar, but he used to play drums at high school and decided that he had felt more comfortable behind a drum kit. Sam has a wealth of experience in playing in both original bands and cover bands, he is a work freak that refuses to rest! Susie had been classically trained but the material she comes out with is very pop orientated.

Do you all share the same influences in music?

We all share interest in bands like Fleetwood Mac, Two Door Cinema club, The Beatles and Radiohead, we aim to venture into the darker side of rock soon with our own originals.

Are there any other local musicians that you're liking the sound of?

Johnny Panic and the fever and The Roscoes are among our favourite bands along with being good friends, Check them out.

Lyrically, who do you admire?

I recently heard a poem by Bob Dylan called "A tribute to woody Guthrie". It blew me away and he spoke the whole poem without any music supporting the lyrics...

"And there's something on yer mind you wanna be saying
That somebody someplace oughta be hearin'
But it's trapped on yer tongue and sealed in yer head
And it bothers you badly when your layin' in bed"

Check it out!

Best gig you've ever played?

Best gig would have been our EP launch. It wasn't our biggest crowd, but the atmosphere was really amazing. We had everyone's attention which felt unbelievable.

Where does the inspiration for your tracks come from?

The tracks are inspired by our own excitement to play as a live band for the rest of our lives, I seriously enjoy having as much energy put into a piece as possible, I hope that comes through our music. Recently I have been getting into a darker side of music and I hope it will work well with the material that we have already produced.

What's on the cards for Great Plain Sundance this year?

This year we hope to make a real impact in Liverpool. We did really well this year, however if we want to make a career out of the music, we really have to up our game, which we plan to do.

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