Marvin Powell

CHARISMATICALLY beautiful, Marvin Powell brings us a chilled brilliance with his softly sweet acoustic vibe, moulding a new wave of folk into his own free-spirited à la mode.

'Wind Before The Train' attracted me with its earthly calling and delicately whisper-esque vocals. Thoroughly caressing, the track has a blanket-like feel, wrapping the instrumental around the voice almost mimicking the wind featured within its adeptly named title. Rocking your head you can feel a slight foot-tapping ease taking over your experience, captivating your gaze with a slightly bewildering montage filled kiss. Personally touching this track is made for everyone as it is so real, there are no fancy hidden meanings, only everyday situations which we all understand.

'Bees And Honey' has a euphonious harmony, superbly catching the audience off guard making them fall head over heels for a rather exceptional track worthy of award winning glory. Chimerically haunting is the guitar that lingers on our taste buds as we get stuck into the delectable vocals and enchanting echo that Powell's angelic voice draws us to not only love but to very much care for.
When Marvin Powell is concerned, music is safe in the arms of a musician who has the prowess of a multi-award winning chart topper, just listen to his tracks and then you'll understand. I grabbed a quick chat with Marvin to find out more about the guy behind the guitar...

When did you decide music was what you wanted to do?

I'd say in the past year or so ive decided to have a crack at it and see what happens.
Has music always been present in your life from an early age?

Yes it has! My parents loved and listened to music whether it was soul reggae or motown, and i've worked at coffee shops and in bars since I was fifteen so I was exposed to folk and other genres then! I was in the choir in school and had violin lessons up until I was about sixteen.
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Where do you get the inspiration for tracks such as 'Wind Before The Train'?

Well 'the wind before the train' is one of those songs of mine that isn't laced in metaphor, everything in that song actually happened (a trip to the beach one day with my boyfriend)! For the rest of them I suppose I take from things I know i've seen heard or things that have actually happened to me or others around me or things I've made up.
Are there any other local musicians that you're liking the sound of?

I love The Sundowners they're amazing and good friends of my mine with some really catchy tunes and are great live! Liverpool is saturated with some amazing talent at the moment so the list could go on forever- Dave Gaffney, Dominic Mcneil Dunn, Ragz, Sophie Anderson etc etc,.
Describe yourself in 3 words?
Ooo that's a difficult one... Let me see, EAGER, WILLING and KEEN!
Do you think a lot of the more well-known artists take their status for granted?

I do especially when it comes to 'pop' music! I think a lot of those 'artist' have lost there way! It's no longer about music or creativity anymore. The artistic side has been lost and replaced with how they look, who they are with and how much money they have.
Where do you think holds the best opportunities to get your music heard?

I suppose the internet does have its benefits for getting exposure! although I do think that probably gigging and actually getting out there and showing people what you can do is the best approach!
Courtesy of Dave Walker Photography

What are your opinions on the big-named festivals?

I love Glastonbury, I've been three times now and can't get enough! You don't have to go and see the headliners to have a great time, there is something for everyone!

What's on the cards for the remainder of this year?

I want to get better as a writer and a musician. I'm going to take as many gigs as I can and try my best to develop my craft as good as I can!

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