Morrissey & Marshall

DUBLIN duo, Morrissey & Marshall are creating a charismatically infatuating acoustic rock/folk mash-up, channelling a new wave of chimerically inclined sounds, attracting listeners everywhere.

Armed with happy-go-lucky tones, tinted with a light dusting of psychedelia, rocking more towards the acoustic side of the music industry creating a rather universally tuneful array of harmonies and simplicity, making their music only grow with every listen.

Their latest single 'I've got a plan' has an incredible natural vibe from the introduction, effortlessly pushing their music to the fore-front of a new turn for the music industry, seemingly beginning to take shape to some obscure security. Along with a hugely memorable sound, the vocals of which provided are most charming thanks to Darren Morrissey and Greg Marshall, mirroring the beautiful harmonies once heard from the likes of The Everly Brothers. Enchanting and clinquant this track stands out, almost clinging onto their audience, calling them to follow, more importantly, listen. Rustically smooth yet still caressing the creases and making for a rather desirable anthem.

This duo have not stopped working, whether it be touring up and down the UK, recording their debut album (due for release early 2014) and playing festivals such as Electric Picnic and Hop Farm. Their music is testament to their extremely hard work and after hearing their latest single, Morrissey & Marshall's debut album cannot come soon enough. Check them out, just your cup of tea...

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