Purple Heart Parade

Mancunian quintet, Purple Heart Parade, are creating a sound described as stargaze psychedelia, tinted with a fuzzy 'dream pop' and in fact, their music provides a way out of modern-day drab, hallucinatory in sound, omnipotent in reality. 

Starting life in 2012, Purple Heart Parade are gradually picking up pace in the psych scene up and down the country, supplying a lullaby set of silent sabotage, incredibly tasteful and more importantly creating a new wave of mischief within music.

'Lies & Kites' has a slow sparking introduction, gradually honouring a sleepy drum beat graciously welcoming front man, Pete Cowap, to bring his star-studded vocalist slur, commencing the slow start, progressing to focus on the swinging sensation of guitars and beat. Providing us with a fantastic dream-like kaftan wearing sound, draped in LSD and smoke machines. Press repeat again and again and you find yourself in some sort of musical trance, try to break out of it and you want more.

Purple Heart Parade are way ahead of the current fuzzy psychedelia creators, having a headline spot at Glasgow psych fest or getting slots on BBC introducing Manchester, they're getting around. I cannot begin to explain how glad I am to have found them now before they really take off. The Music Manual grabbed an interview with the marvellous lads of Purple Heart Parade to find out more about their trippy sound...
How did the whole Purple Heart Parade journey start?
Ste If you believe in fate, the stars and all that then Purple Heart Parade is an alignment of all those good things meeting at one finite point – 25th September last year. I remember it well, it was a Tuesday night, or was it Friday?...we had gotten Pete in and we were jamming some dream-like astral bolts of beauty.
Pete It’s beautiful. Hard work, but beautiful.
Ste A bit like Sienna Miller.
Where you all in bands beforehand?
Ste Me, Ryan, Tom and Budgie were in a band and we needed a singer and got Pete in... I had been in a band with Pete about 6 years ago and we were on the cusp of greatness then and in my opinion, he is one of the best frontmen there has ever been. I was delighted when he said he would come down.
Ryan We split amicably with our management to focus on what was true to us.
Ste Yeah, and I know the management we had have other projects on the go and we truly wish them well with that.
Do you think genres count for anything anymore?
Ste Genres are for people who buy their music from HMV.
Ryan We would be classed as “Psych”, but there are so many types of Psych, and different Psych bands.
Budgie I love the shoegazy stuff of the early Verve.
Ste Me too.
Pete Yeah, there’s loads of influences in there, from bands back in the day like Doors, Velvet Underground, 13th Floor Elevators to current bands like Holy Drug Couple, Black Angels and The Laurels as well.
Are there any musicians in Manchester music scene that you're into at the moment?
Pete Sadly there's not a lot that turns us on really in Manchester at the moment, though we dig what The Underground Youth are doing and Black Sonic Revolver, who are a top set of lads who don't give a fuck and just do their own thing.
Ryan The Nod’s band, “I See Angels” as well.
Pete Aye, they’re decent lads as well.
Ste I saw them in Glossop and they were brilliant. More people need to watch bands like them than some of the absolute dogshite in Manchester at the minute. Most of the bands we’re into are bands like Helicon from Glasgow and Carlisle’s The Lucid Dream. Proper decent lads and top music.
Where was your first ever gig?
Ryan For us it was Dry Bar in Manchester. Pete “broke” a mic stand.
Pete “Loosened” a mic stand.
Ste It was packed and I think we shook a few foundations that night and a few people were left gutted at how good we were.
Do you ever get fed up of each other?
Ste Not really no. I do worry about going on tour though ‘cos I snore like a bastard. They’ll hate me!
Ryan We have such a laugh now Pete’s in the band. He just gets us all going and makes it fun and not like a chore.
Pete We get fed up with being fit.
Ste That is a bind to be honest…
Favourite tracks to play live?
Pete I enjoy playing our new intro tune ( which has a working title of Sci Fi Radio ) it’s an absolute monster, capable of making storms! Also love the dreamlike vibe of Drifter, Starfucker Blues is a good one which gets the crowd going. The Rooms a special one too! I just get lost in that tune like an outer body experience of sorts?
Ste The great thing is we have so many ideas buzzing about, and Brodie our new drummer is settling in nicely having had to replace the man mountain that was Tommy Mallas, so I think our tunes will only get better and better.
Ryan We don’t really have a weak song in our set. We’re writing some amazing stuff so we might have to start doing 3 hour shows. 
Mine and Budgie's favourites are our newest one Spirit World. It's about Derek Acorah.
There's been a lot of talk about artists being against the use of Spotify, what are your opinions on that?
Budgie I think a lot of people will fuck Spotify off soon.
Ryan Music has never been more accessible and Spotify is just a part of that.
Pete The music industry has changed massively in the 10 years or so I’ve been around it.
Ste I never download music for free – I think anyone who does should be expected to do their job for free.
If you could name one good quality in any of your fellow members what would you say?
Ste There isn’t one. There’s hundreds. They really are the best band in the world. If I was forced into picking one though I’d say tight bum-holes.
Think on to 20 years from now, where will we find you?
Pete Me and Ste will be on stage with our colostomy bags, still at it, with these young whippersnappers at our side hopefully.
Ste Yeah, we’ll have all moved to Mexico, and live on the same street “Purple Heart Parade- Parade”.

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