Tess Parks

A new wave of gloomy psychedelia has been circulating the underground music scene at present with more and more musicians lending their exquisite talent to the inconspicuous sound. Singer/songwriter, Tess Parks being no exception. Originally from Toronto this mysterious songstress has caught the eyes of many, not to mention that of 359 music who quickly snapped her up for her acclaimed sound.

'Open Your Mind' is the epitome of the
sticky rock and roll Parks creates, taken from her recently released record, 'Blood Hot'. Fumbling around from the chugging guitar introduction, her hushed, elongated vocals twist and pull the track into its psychedelic form, enjoyably flirting with the almost too distinct backing instrumental, providing an alternate artistry platform within the heavily engraved body of the glorified sound. The electrified beginnings undoubtedly prepare for a night of kaleidoscopic dreaming, most favoured by the accompanying rattle of tambourines and a fist-pumping drumbeat. A noticeable buzz is present throughout the duration of 'Open Your Mind' helplessly chiming to a sharp halt of needle-worthy scratching... The crowning glory of this mind-void of a track. Stunned we find ourselves gawping at the disjointed foundations, comparing to the end note of mind corrupted nothingness. 

Tess Parks has a sound which grows with time, each press of the play button opens a whole new world to discover. The future is significantly bright for this 5-star artist, with tunes worthy of 60's chart success, Parks is a musician with a difference, I cannot wait for what is around the corner. The Music Manual grabbed a quick interview with the brilliant artist to find out more from behind the scenes...

Hey Tess! I'll start off by thanking you for this interview. 2013 has been an extremely busy year for you, what's been the highlight?
All of 2013 has just been incredible. Too many highlights… Everyday has been good.
You say that you were brought up on the likes of Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Rolling Stones, do you find the iconic spirit of these major artists influence your work and somehow find their way into your tracks?
Subliminally maybe… I think any musician just aspires to write as well as their heroes.
What gets you 'psyched up' before a gig?
I never get psyched, I get pretty nervous!
Apart from your music you're also a keen photographer. With an art such as photography do you become accustomed to viewing life in a very real but beautiful way and do you think it helps you when it comes to writing tracks?
I think being a visual person definitely affects my writing songs… I do really try to see beauty in everything, because otherwise life is very sad and long.
Your latest record, 'Blood Hot' is an absolute gem, with buckets full of passion and edge. Do you think there is a need for more women to get their claws into the raw grit of the music industry?
Thank you! I think women are doing pretty well in music at the moment!
How does Toronto and London differ when it comes to getting yourself out there?
They're very different but very similar in ways. I think you have to prove yourself anywhere you go. You have to put in the work and go out and meet everyone you can meet and perform anywhere you can perform and just carry on and not let anyone tell you otherwise.
Looking back now, is music everything it's cracked up to be?
Of course!
Finally, what will 2014 hold for Tess Parks?
Lots of gigs and working on new material, always.

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