Viola Beach

WARRINGTON quartet, Viola Beach are offering a taster of their own atmospheric take on the alternative 'pop' scene. Their sound encourages much more than just a quick music fix, you're hooked on their droning indie-ness. The four-piece consist of Kris Leonard (guitar/vox), Frankie Coulson (guitar), Jonny Gibson (bass) and Jack Dakin (drums).

Their self-titled EP contains just some of the material available to sample via their soundcloud, flaunting a sound gasping for air as if nothing else could be compressed out of it. Each track has been crafted in such a way that no more could be left desired - if dreamy shoegaze pop is a preferred listening. 

The EP opens with 'Daisies', an echoey number with repetitive rifts and softly strained vocals. Almost reminiscent of the early days of Peace's career, full off empathy and power but somewhat lacking in the relay of deep emotion, shown maybe, yet could be pushed a little more considering the topic of the track. Even after pointing this out, the song is arguably still of grandest quality. Head swaying instrumentals with glorified vocality, there isn't much more to be physically given. These factors are only topped graciously with a single memorable line which indeed shall be sung in various locations for several days once heard, artists can't ask for much more than have their songs talked about and discussed. 'Daisies' is a track guaranteed to bring people to visit Viola Beach, perhaps even stay a while.

After their start in mid 2013, Viola Beach have been in Liverpool's disposal, playing gigs in and around the city within venues such as The Shipping Forecast and Sound Food and Drink. Not to mention their coverage in local music magazine, Bido Lito! 2014 is looking ready for a new quartet to start a storm, I wouldn't be surprised if Viola Beach take to the sea's and shake up the scene rather soon.

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