Fiorentini band Go!Zilla are bringing their very own dirty, psychedelic acid to the forefront of underground music, corrupting many minds with their wondrous interchangeable sound. Hailing from italy, this three-piece has notoriously become one of a kind, completing a whopping 200 (or more) shows just in their short time together!

Recently released, 10-track LP, 'Grabbing A crocodile', has also grabbed the attention of many. With numbing beats enough to soothe heavy heads of a Sunday morning and obsessive guitars that add a zingy spice to the sound, there is not, if anything, to dislike. 

'Grabbing a Crocodile' is the first electrifying track on the adorning album, providing an introduction of heavily armed eagerness and slow brewed harmonies, enough to collapse any barriers their music may face. A scuzzy background lingers as the track progresses with a mono-styled vocal, drawing a straight line through the presented sound. An offering of an obscure, twisted form makes its appearance, going hand in hand with a heavy psychedelic daze, allowing the track to take on a whole new persona. 

Another track that will attract listeners has to be; 'No Man's Land',  holding the heaviest of instrumentals yet still managing to provide an ingenious lyrical value, forcing two factors to repel and fight it out deep inside the track, laying down the law. Allowing for the punkish side of Go!Zilla to make an appearance, 'No Man's Land' also taps into its adeptly named title, giving us apocalyptic visions of war and desperation. The excellence of this artistry exceeds first presumptions, it may take a few listens, but be wary, you will love it.


With the exciting prospect of more European dates and world domination, Go!Zilla have an amazing future ahead of them, with more time and application they will go far. The Music Manual grabbed a quick interview with the guys to find out more from behind the scenes...

How did the Go!Zilla dream first come about?
Well, Go!Zilla is a project started at the beginning of 2012, and that has been growing little by little with a lot of passion put on the music and a lot of efforts in booking DIY and with some label helping from behind.

Why the name 'Go!Zilla'?
Everyone ask us the same, it comes from a joke I guess... It belonged to the old drummer of the band, he left us that as a legacy.

What is it like being a duo, do you think it's harder than being in a quartet?
Now we have just become a three piece band with the addition of another guitar. Well actually, we played almost 200 shows so I guess it is definitely easier. If we speak about money, transport and stuff, of course it's pretty hard to compose in 2 pieces especially when trying to be powerful and melodic at the same time. We don't really like being a duo, generally, because they are too addicted to blues music or they just play and compose like the White Stripes. We have been trying to be as original as possible, writing songs that could fit in a 3-4 pieces band. The third guy, Mattia, will play guitar through a bass amp and a guitar one, so it will be fucking powerful and we'll keep our soul of making original music.

You're from Italy and toured practically around Europe already! Where has been the best audience for you?

I guess it is between France, Switzerland and Germany! The English audience is pretty good as well but it's hard for band touring there because there is no money....

What are your favourite tracks to play live?

We really love to play fast songs like 'Roswell' and 'I Want Her' because we love to see people dancing, also Magic Weird Jack is a track that I really like.

You've also done a fair few festivals, are more on the cards this year?

Yes, we are playing a big, exotic festival that we cannot announce yet, then we are playing at Cosmic Trip and Binic Festival in France, then we are dealing with a few more, so just connect to our page fb.com/gozillatheband to follow our tour updates!

What draws you both to the psychedelia side of music?
I think is the love for the Beatles and for Nuggets. I hate this fashion way to follow the psych festival, 90% of the people that now talk about psych music was into electronic shit just 3/4 years ago, and now there's something like 5 millions copy of Brian Jonestown Massacre and stuff like that. C'mon wake up!

Are there any other upcoming bands from Italy that you're liking the sound of?

The Vickers are seriously one the best, also the other Fabio's band (Go!Zilla drummer), Plastic Man or Appaloosa that recently played Liverpool, Italy is full of nice bands.

Do either of you do anything else outside of music?
Fabio works in building stages for concerts and sometimes like waiter...  I'm trying to be a booker and I recently started my new agency called Tripmaker Booking which is going pretty good.

Where do you think you'll be in 40 years time? Still making music?

You never know, if i think where I was just 1 years ago, everything is possible, in music your life can change in a second.

What does this year hold for Go!Zilla?

We aim to grow our fan base, playing all over the world and make more new records, and release an EP with a french label called "Beast Records" in late April!

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