Sons of Mowgli

ALLOW yourself a minute to take an unwinding mind experience with Wirral based four-piece, Sons of Mowgli. Their calming sound is definitely proving to be the new haven for music lovers to check in and out when they choose.

Their latest 5-track EP, 'Come What May', is a dreamy concoction of slow burning goodness. Similar to a lullaby, each track has a warmness embedded within its lyrical walls. The introductory track, also titled, 'Come What May', holds a steady sway between the vocals and instrumental body, providing careful bouts of captivating goodness. This track is not threatening nor holding any danger or uncertainty. It becomes quite apparent that the song, although harrowing, is adamant in opinion, the safety net of the EP becomes released as 'Come What May' takes a more personal and beautiful form. There is no doubt that this track is stunningly divine as of its graceful tone and being.

'What Hope?' is another track that will have you tripping over with amiable consequences with its heartwarming guitar and ticking beat. The sound, unlike other tracks, is very much more invigorating - yes, it may not be a rowdy acoustic number but, it is a fresh awakening, like a new day dawning or a turn of a season. The vocality leaves a lasting glow on your cheeks, it does not need overpowering, the power is there, ready for us to unwrap and keep a piece for ourselves.

Sons of Mowgli are most definitely a musicians most admired band, the way they craft their tracks is rationally inventive. Their caressing knowledge as a band is lay bare for all to examine, the most creative of listeners will understand this. Take a look at the interview we grabbed here at The Music Manual with Sons of Mowgli to find out what goes on under the radar...

When did the whole Sons of Mowgli story begin?
Me and Marc formed the band Mowgli back in 1999, and after we split up we all joined other bands. 12 months ago me and Marc got together again after he moved back to the Wirral, we started writing together on ukulele and guitar and we started to record some demos. Marc's brother Chris, who is a drummer, and played Cajon and percussion on our early demos soon joined us. And during the recording of our EP we got Barry in who is now our bass/piano player. And so the story began...

Where do you get the inspiration from your tracks from?
Most of our tracks are about memories, places, events and the things that we are not happy about. Sometimes I just hear a line in conversation and it starts from there.

You're from the Wirral, do you think there needs to be more opportunity for musicians there rather than travelling to Liverpool?
Its good too see there are a few decent venues on the Wirral now. Back in the late 90s early 00s it was the "Iron door" or nothing. It's good to see that a lot of the top Liverpool unsigned bands are now playing over here. Hoylake has little festivals and decent musicians playing there every week now, but I think Wirral musicians will always be ferrying over the water for the bigger venues, crowds and opportunities that Liverpool brings.

What bands/musicians are you liking the sound of at the moment?
Locally I can't wait for Western Promise's new album to come out. What I've heard off it so far is magic. We just recorded our EP in AKO Studios in Hoylake and got to hear some of Neville Skelly's new album that he's been recording with Steve there, again sounds brilliant. Away from Merseyside I'm loving Matt Elliott, Jolie Holland and a young mod band called The Spitfires who I think are going to have a massive year.

If you could have or do anything to make your music experience better, what would it be and why?
We played with some string effects when demo'ing our tracks, I'd love to record our tracks with a big string section, I don't reckon the Liverpool philharmonic will be able to pencil us in just yet though.

You've recently released your debut EP, what was it like to record?
It was great, we've recorded with Ako since 1999, and seen his studio expand into the starship enterprise it is today. He always knows how to get the best out of us, and makes a pretty good brew.

What's your favourite track from the EP?
For me it's "It's better to tell someone it's raining" due to the fact we wrote it after our mates Dad passed away. It was one of his clever sayings, and he was genuinely one of the nicest men I'd ever met. He used to say things to me and Marc in conversation at the pub and we'd be pencilling it down on the back of a beer mat to use in our next song. The line at the end "I see silhouettes of you, were you used to be" is because you just expect to walk in any pub in Hoylake and still see him.

As a band do you feel you are more suited to intimate gigs or festival scale shows?
The Albert Hall would be nice?. No, I think as we tend to stay acoustic the more intimate gigs suits us best.

Do you have any obscure facts about yourselves?
Obscure? Hmm.. I was a Lord in Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes" movie, and personally I thought I nailed the role, but he never rang me back for the second one- which was shite by the way! 

What should we expect from Sons of Mowgli this year?
We are back in the rehearsal room which is going great, and will be going back into the studio again next month to start recording the next EP. We enjoy the recording process so much more than gigging, so we will be choosing our gigs wisely and by the summer should be out there playing a few live shows.

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