Threshold Festival 2014

With a huge hype surrounding this years Threshold Festival, The Music Manual decided to compile a list of what we believe to be the musicians which you simply cannot miss the chance to see. Held at the Baltic Triangle, this years Threshold will be the fourth consecutive year of the festival, flaunting all the best art and music around to date, what's even better than that? It's held in our wondrous city of Liverpool. Take a look at our comprehensive listing and, if you haven't got your tickets to this promised array of substantial musical gold then get them here;

Alexandra Jayne
 Originally from Staffordshire, now based in Liverpool, songstress Alexandra Jayne has won Liverpool Acoustic's Songwriter Challenge last year and recorded with the legendary, Jon Lawton all the while producing an absolutely stunning guitar rooted sound.
Front man, Luke Jones, does not cower behind meaningful metaphors but sings of the treachery of youth - rocky relationships, awkwardness and foggy heads, this three piece indulges in the true spirit of Indie Rock: having fun and not taking things too seriously.

The Ragamuffins
Six piece that dish out uplifting and genre spliced indie-pop with unfettered charisma. Channelling the smart snarl, a fighting spirit and absorbing influence, The Ragamuffins are a group hug of smarts and soul.
Beans on toast
 Best described as 'antifolk', Beans On Toast produces hearty tracks regarding anything of hot topic in today's society, completing tours around the UK and US whilst also supporting the likes of Frank Turner and Kate Nash
Broken Men
 Starting life in Liverpool 2013, this quintet are producing grassroot garage equipped with grunge inflictions and have shared the stage with the likes of Echo and The Bunnymen, Reverend and The Makers and Alt-J.
The Wretched Pearls
An optimum combination of the soft-hearted and hard of hand, The Wretched Pearls are simultaneously sweet but deeply menacing. Silky harmonies are ebbed in mystery and intrigue, a wary but engulfing personification of the sirens call.

China Shop Bull
 Ska infected 6-piece China Shop Bull create a music of rave quality. Since 2006 they have been a lively part of the festival scene, playing at the likes of Kendal Calling, Boomtown and Beats not Bombs.

The 69 Watts
A gut punch of nostalgia and revamped swagger. Rife in snarling blues riffs and glam gravitas, this three piece are an uncompromising package of unrelenting rocknroll (mind-bending guitar solos included).

Emilio Pinchi
 Stripped right back to acoustic beauty, Pinchi has created a comfortable atmosphere around his mellow tones, reminding of a Paolo Nutini / Verve mash-up of realism tainted with that royally home essence to call us back for more.

Thom Morecroft
Hailing from Shropshire, gentle natured Morecroft has been around the Liverpool scene for a few years now, with an abrasive timbre and enrapturing melodies mixed within his musical foundation, with an ambition which surpasses his modesty.
Mick Flaherty
 Melodically charming, Flaherty's work glides throughout the despair of humanity, touching on all walks of life whilst producing a quirky experimental slant.

Run Tiger Run
Four piece that deliver on pulsating and smouldering Indie-Rock - their single Hummingbird blends precise staccato guitar leads, silky croons and heart swelling lyrics all amalgamating to a quick-witted, pumped up, nail-and-tooth chorus.

Mutant Vinyl   Providing a completely gracious platform mesmerising listeners, Mutant Vinyl creates music with synth mixes and saxophone slurs, pleasantly opening a new door where experimental music is concerned.
She Drew The Gun

The project of Louisa Roach founded on the mantra of never sacrificing flow and poignancy for polished sounds or glistening production. Enchanting and convictive acoustic ballads peppered in warming crackles, Roachs style is reflective of the turbulence of living; as rough as it is beautiful.
Natalie McCool
CROWNED Female Artist Of The Year at last years Liverpool Music Awards, Natalie McCool has been rushed off her feet due to her high demand, taking her sensationally chimerical sound with her.Two Weeks Running
Five-Piece, Two Weeks Running throw intricate guitar leads, sharp 60's tones and a lead singer that harnesses his Bolton intonation into a melting pot and arise champions - with fist-clenching choruses and viral melodies who said British rock was dead?

Words Lauren Jones and Will Butler


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