STARTING life a year ago, one of Liverpool's more diverse 3-pieces, Visitors have just offered us a fantastic new reason to rave about the music our city has to offer.

The EP in question, 'Truth', combines each and every one of the band's influences, nabbing techniques from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Fuzz and Royal Blood. All these influences concocted with the lads effortless ability, sets the stage for music so diverse yet so undeniably favourable.

The introductory track, also named 'Truth', provides a soft approach to the self-prescribed garage tonality. Mix-matched with an embroidered spook, spine chillingly exuberant, the track progresses through this radical parallel of the complete opposite and forms a matrimony of gracious instrumental horror.

'Stay Away', Visitors secondary track, takes a slightly graver stance when it comes to projection. Tainted with a rather gloom and doom introduction, listeners may mistaken this more garage soul to belong to a Kerrang! branded artist. Yet, fully embracing a catchy echoing vocality, a raspy formation forces the hand to contort a typical sounding to a greater anthem, scratching its way into a challenging predicament of demo-tape-esque brilliance.

Now last track - Radioactive, holds the balance of power, bringing an almighty Black Keys beginning thrusting forward, chugging endlessly as it pants and squeals for each sifting breath. Also sharing similarity to a younger Strokes, Visitors adopt, yet again, intelligence from the art bank around them, all the while making sure their sound fully embraces their own adroitness. They're of a different calibre and are most definitely the new 'black'.


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