The Garden

Originating from California, twin formation - The Garden, consisting of Fletcher and Wyatt Shears have been gaining some under the radar attention as of late - with many eager music pilgrims snapping up their sound for breakfast.

Their self prescribed genre 'Vada Vada' sums up an 80's arcade madness, tainted with that dark epitome of overwhelming doom. It's certainly fair to say that the Fletcher lads are another great example that there are stones still unturned.

One of their vast collection of tracks, 'Crystal Clear' has recently seen the propelling of its accompanying video and, as expected the ever unfazed Garden pushed a creepy glare upon the artistry, flaunting their no fear and utter too-cool-for-school approach upon an already dazed audience.

Neo-punk drips of a corrupted chug allows for 'Crystal Clear' to grow into an ambiguous entity, basking in the dark illuminations of its own carnivorous backdrop. Drowning in a repetitive instrumental provided by Fletcher, Wyatt's mono-tonal sonorousness enchants not only the listener, but the track, alternating the multi-various pathways in a sombre lull, fully embracing the crepusecular foundations of which The Garden have so effortlessly built upon.

With a pending UK date on the cards and having our eye on them for a while, The Music Manual grabbed an interview with The Garden to find out - if anything, about what life is like as a Shears twin...

Do you think being twins, in fact just related, in a way strengthens that 'closeness' music journalists are constantly harping on about when bands play live?
Mmm sure.

Could you explain a typical 'Vada Vada' genre track?
Vada Vada.

How would you describe California's music surroundings?
I don't really know, everyone is doing their own thing right now I guess. 

You've already had some amazing coverage from the likes of NME and MUZU. TV, what's that been like?
We were really glad to have NME's help with the new Crystal Clear video. 

The video for Crystal Clear is immense, did you always have an idea as to what direction the music would guide you with?
Our direction is always evolving.

If you had to make a Garden cocktail, what would it consist of?
Ice Cubes

Is it time for artists to take matters into their own hands when it comes to the promotion of their artistry?
Mmmmmmmmmm I really don't know to be honest. Help is good, and it helps.

Is there any dirt you're prepared to dish on your sibling?
Actually I like to put dirt in his mouth when he's sleeping.

We noticed you're playing Beacons Festival in August, what are your thoughts on the UK's music culture?
We had 2 shows in the UK once. They were both cancelled at the last minute, literally. So we don't really know anything about the music culture there yet. We're excited to run around on the stage there, though!

What's on the cards for you guys this year?
Heading up north this month in C A L I. Then hibernating in July to focus on more recording and stuff, then going back to do another Euro tour in August, then in October we'll be doing a U.S. tour that whole month then back to europe straight after that.

We'll probably release a full album at this end of this year as well, we'll see what happens.


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