Meet My Mystery

EVERY time we feature Go Fiasco the lads always go away and come back with something even more exciting, whether it is revealing upcoming news or additional material for us to get our lug-holes around. And at this moment, there is no exception, with The Music Manual getting an exclusive first listen to their brand new EP, Meet My Mystery.

Many of the tracks have already been aired upon soundcloud, however had been taken down as the EP's release date gets closer to becoming a reality. The 10-track extravaganza certainly ripples through the core of all things crepusecular, all the while incorporating a slightly less sinister phenomenon of obsessive chugging and undeniable adroitness.

To begin, a spiralling vertigo sparks the introduction to the fiasco, quickly throwing front man, Dan Duggan's spitting vocality into the mix, crafted in a fierce and abrupt manner, allowing for the succinct feel of the tight quartet to shine radiantly. Omnipotent guitars from Jamie Roberts provide the lemon, unlimited bass from Ben Murphy provides the lime and the god-like beat from Liam Gardner is the vodka - showing how easily this quartet becomes one collective actuality.

Adore The Cure has a new, mature Go Fiasco wrapped around its little finger. With a summer nights tale mixed with an eerie loneliness, crafting a vulnerability that grasps each and every roll of the tone and flick of the tongue. Audiences will be truly falling for this multi-tonal dejection combined with a first-rate lift of substance, so much so that listeners feel they can grasp the track and bask in its rhythm, favourably frolicking within the richness of the anthem.

Like A Ghost again is another deal-breaker. Spine-chillingly cool zings of melodious guitar combined with jumping vocals and echo rebounds, allowing for the spiritually inclined tune to manifest itself into a superior being. Again, this new persona allows for a greater audience to become attracted to the quartet, pushing a slightly more universal gaze on such gracious music, completely original and oh so innovative.

Unfortunately, you must sit and wait for the EP's heavily awaited release... However, I do know that many of the new tracks will be showcased at the number of shows the lads have got lined up - whether its on 3rd July supporting The Merrylees at the Zanzibar or playing our Burn The Manual launch party on 18th July. Be sure to catch one of Liverpool's brightest acts, soon enough we won't be able to pin them down...


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