The Levons

SETTING up shop in late 2013 The Levons are rapidly becoming one of Liverpool's most endearing foursomes - with their music being of the coolest quality around to date.

Beginning life as a small time band has never really been a 'thing' for these lads, as their uniquely crafted sound is something deeply craved by the lovers of the somewhat lost Coral years.

With time rapidly ticking away, the fab four have been working their fingers to the bone, gigging extensively and gaining coverage on local LFC TV. Thus seeming fitting that they release their debut, self-titled EP on Monday 18th August courtesy of Electrone Records.

One track that shines through has to be 'The Other Guy' - due to its incredibly harmonious assonance. Introducing with a sultry vibe of vivacious guitar prangs and a vocality wrapped in a beautiful locale allowing The Levons to really focus on the foundations they have grown so effortlessly from. Burgeoning this wondrous captivation upon an eager audience is just one of the most hypnotising qualities this band possesses. This becomes clear as their tonality swirls around in a rather nostalgic manner, reminiscing a cheeky 90's underground hit with all the contemporary slotted in for good measure. With the promise of two more magnificent tracks upon the EP all under £3, this is one you're simply going to have to get your mitts on... 



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