Of Empires

30th September brings the release of Brighton based, Of Empires debut EP - Stranger Sensations, a 3-track mysticism pulsating in weighty blues rock, worthy of the Black Keys crown. This quartet truly bring a refreshing insight into the next year of music.

Knocking about at The Toy Rooms recording studio, working with the likes of Ben Thackeray and Jon Gray, Stranger Sensations was born, marking a pinnacle beginning for this exciting new set of artisans.

Offering a cheeky taste of Stranger Sensations with the release of leading track, Gimme What I Need, a hesitant excitement circled around the OE congregation. With a rift reminiscent to that of Iggy Pop classic - The Passenger, this foursome certainly packed a lot into a track that possesses a relatively short time span. The captivating hold on a reassuring familiarity gives an audience the stability they crave indefinitely. Safely partnered with soothing vocals and a set of slow burning instrumentals, repetitive yet graciously reflecting for a more universal readership.

Pushing on, I Want You To Get Mad rips the motherly hold clean from admirers bones as a vicarious pleasure clouds the previous number. Darkened by a hushed echo, pending bites hold back until a key shift begins to ferociously attack, only backing down with another coo of lyricism. Chugging potently the higher pitches come away from their shadow, glazing over this corruptness to provide a comely supplement to our attachment of Gimme What I Need.

The final track, Stranger is the perfect end to our Of Empires journey - feathering both creations as it brings the fable to a close. Taking its sound from Black Keys smasher, Fever - Stranger emanates musical prowess, clearly portraying the works of not only the team at The Toy Rooms but the band's incredible ability. Lulling within the grasp of mild psychedelia yet bouncing around in a weighty grasp of true tin-rock, Stranger is one amazing project in very small group of innovators.

If this an introductory release, then there is no telling how fantastic the following material is truly going to be. Be sure to get your mitts on Strange Sensations, 30th September - these are The Music Manual's new favourite to break through to achieve big time success, keep your eyes peeled.


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