Broadbay, Brighton’s latest bandits to infiltrate the reverb filled phenomenon, have returned, invading our screens and ears with their incredibly infectious new track, ‘Plasticine Dream’.

The trio waste no time in drowning us with copious amounts of dazzling riffs, enticing lyrics and a new age punk sound that is 110% right. We shan't forget that Willett’s vocals are inevitably hypnotising, navigating effortlessly into a shimmering pool of palpable contagiousness.

The subtlety of simplicity injected into this track is admirable, creating a whirlwind of vibrant colours to match the unavoidably relatable lyrics.

Broadbay are coming your way, and having played on the same bill as Bloody Knees and Birdskulls, you can expect a fantastic future for the Brighton rockers. Plasticine Dream is up for free download below via Art Is Hard Records as part of their Pizza Club series.

Words by Cerys Kenneally


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