Model Aeroplanes

Image courtesy of Harry Fraser.
DUNDEE has given us the likes of The View and Snow Patrol, but nothing quite like Model Aeroplanes. Moulding their style to the likes of Vampire Weekend and Theme Park, a youthful vibrancy steps forward to inject our malignant playlists.

Obsessing in overly rhythmic riffs and light rolling beats all tie together to favour a brighter tuning. Model Aeroplanes open up a world of good and it's this very ideology that follows their sound through one track to the next. 

Latest offering, Electricity, lives up to the very foundlings of the band, lively guitars with the utmost jovial effect. A dancing fusion introduces the track, weirdly enticing lead vocalist, Rory Fleming-Stewart, to lay down his soft vocality upon a bed of roaring flames. Numbing drones of bass from Ben Buist, run sporadically in and out of the tunes vibrations, allowing for Kieran Smith's slowing chug of tin beats to progress casually. Whilst Electricity grows, we are explicitly aware of such wondrous riffs, trickling an infinite pleasure attached to such euphoric harmonies.

Becoming frequenters at some of the UK's most desired festivals, Model Aeroplanes have a sound at the edge of ripening, they're so tantalisingly close to becoming that band we all hear about day after day, hitting the big time in America and converting music lovers everywhere to their superb music. The Music Manual grabbed an interview with the lad's as they take a break from gigging...

Do you possess any Model Aeroplanes?

I actually don’t think any of us do. We have little spitfire key rings but nothing cool.

You'd be classed as a 'young' band, does this phase you at all? 

Not at all, obviously it may limit the amount of fun we could have in the states for instance but for all the important reasons it’s a good thing for us. We’ve got plenty of time on our hands and no commitments; Kids for example, that we know of. 

You've had an amazing summer - what has been the highlight? 

I think it’s been one massive funky highlight. We’re been a part of so many cool things and really felt the fan base grow. It’s been a really nice time for us.

Would you say your sound is fully developed?

No, never actually. We can feel ourselves evolving with every song that we write and I suppose that won’t ever stop. Songs, we believe, should reflect your thoughts at a specific time and life, being linear, is forever changing; as should a band. 

Where would be the most amazing place to play a gig? 


You're just about to go on tour around the UK, what date are you looking forward to most? 

We’re really looking forward to hitting London again, we’ve been a couple of times but we have a feeling our next trip will be pretty special, now that our fan base seems to be quite widespread. 

Have you got any new material in the pipeline?

Always, we’re currently writing and writing and just building a big pile of songs for an album. It’s unlikely that you could come to see us play twice and hear the same set. 

You have some famous fans such as Bastille and Nick Grimshaw, who are you waiting for to next turn to the Model Aeroplane way of life?  

Hopefully Cara Delevingue. We’re a big fan of her work. 

What does the future hold? 

Hopefully an album next year and we can’t wait to go on a massive tour; Europe or the states would be a decent start.


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