INCONSPICUOUS quartet, SHINERS are London's latest offering sneaking up on the industry on 1st November. Not giving us much to go on, we must admire their secrecy which has stood them in good light so far, leaving us to question 'who are Shiners?'

Their blurry facebook image only adds to the allure emanating from the band's terrifyingly addictive sound.

One thing The Music Manual did note however, is the fact that LIPA grad and Spring King front-man, Tarek Musa mixed their one and only soundcloud oblation, Just Got Paid.

Self-proclaiming their music as 'Brit-wave', there is an indefinite 90's twang filtering through the game-like prangs that ring so heavily throughout the three minute number. Introducing with an isolated guitar riff, there is a tin-can, backstreet backpack that follows submissively, laying a tambourine rattle that brings back the excitement of sixties Britain.

That infamous patriotic bass then bounces its way throughout, filtering the tune to host a synthy-keyboard, so effortlessly exhuming brit-pop ideology. An unknown voice then harps, uncanny to that of Damon Albarn's, serenading the tune to fall about within itself, enjoying a jubilant exuberance that is pouring from the scenes.

The partial mention of 'Wave' genre rumbles throughout, showing eager prominence as SHINERS portray a darkening humour that seeps indefinitely. Kim Kardashian said this week she wanted to 'break the internet' with her risqué pictures but, this band are the one's who have truly broken the net.

Words by Lauren Jones


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